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Stage I - Declaration of Climate Emergency

The Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project (WM Project) has changed Tact.

The WM Project went live on the Internet on 1st April 2019, consisting of 5 Cyberspace Divisions and 2 Bricks & Mortar Divisions. The design intent of the project ideally required a search for 10 Billionaire Philanthropists to, in part own, operate and manage the project.

I commenced promoting the project by sending out about 50 Press Releases, including about 20 or more to high profile Journalists, then on the 1st May 2019, I started a Twitter Blitz.

The intent was to promote the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project; advertise for Billionaire Philanthropists; and inform Australia and the World, of Climate Change Action via the Clean Energy Department of the WM Project.

In the case of our own Climate Emergency declaration; this department is a serious and genuine attempt to make the world a safer place for all the Kids, Grandkids and their Kids of the future and to start a People Power Movement for the citizens of the World; to commit themselves towards critical Climate Change Repair Action immediately. No more delays, no more politics...

Whilst for the people of Australia, I have created a Social Service Division that unfortunately, will probably not be scaled down until 2050 if we are lucky. That is; the Australian Natural Disasters - Human Resource Pool Database. It is expected that the greatest call for the services of the Reserve Human Resource Pool Database will be in response to devastating climate events, the end result of ignoring the dire warnings of the world's Climate Scientists for the last 30 Years.

Twelve years to get the job done... Then... We're all out of Time. The world has ignored the warnings for over 30 years, but here in Australia at the end of the 2019 Federal Election Campaign, nearly 90% of the Australian People are demanding action from all sides of Politics and for Australia's Climate Wars to end.

The intend of declaring a Climate Emergency is to provide an A-Political platform that all Australians, both young and old, can rally around Australia's Rallying Song - Waltzing Matilda, under its namesake - the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

But for that to happen - Just one Billionaire Philanthropist - is required. One with Grandkids would be perfect...

I thank you for taking the time to read the following project proposals. Much Appreciated.

I await your verdict...


Stage I - Start-up Enterprises

Overview - Revised Cyberspace Divisions

Our Philanthropy Foundation - A Foundation for the Nation

Australian Natural Disasters - Human Resource Pool Database

Overview - Revised Bricks & Mortar Divisions

The Clean Economy Division - Projects in the Clean Economy

Clean Energy Department - The Battle against Climate Change

The Battle Begins


Lets go VIRAL

Project Conclusion

Expressions of Interest - Overall Project

Open Letter to the Top 42 richest people on Earth

Expression of Interests - The symbolic 42

The Meaning of the Ballad of the Fair Go

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