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Please Note: The following page is the Table of Contents for the complete Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project document.

The links provided in the Table of Contents will not take you to a particular chapter in the Executive Overview document; as they are intended to take you directly to the full version of the subject chapter within the overall Project Document.

The Executive Overview document located as the first item on the Table of Contents listings, has been edited from the overall revised project document, by reducing the overall project document down from 99 Pages to 22 Pages. The Executive Overview will outline the project, but reduces the number of points I use in telling the full story of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project to the reader. I would be the first to admit that the full version of the project document is somewhat long winded but that's just me - what you see is what you get.

Hoping you can appreciate the vision I've created behind the Aims and Objectives of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

In the case of Climate Change repair for example; this department is a serious and genuine attempt to make the world a safer place for all the Kids, Grandkids and their Kids of the future and to start a People Power Movement for the citizens of the World; to commit themselves towards critical Climate Change Repair Action immediately. No more delays, no more politics...

Twelve years to get the job done... Then... We're all out of Time.

Whilst for the people of Australia, I have created a number of Corporate Divisions that will return the ethos of the Fair Go to we the people.

I thank you for taking the time to read my project proposal. Much Appreciated.

I await your verdict...


Stage I - Start-up Enterprises

The Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project - Executive Overview

Home Page


Overview - Revised Cyberspace Divisions

Tourism - Australian Goods, Services and Attractions

The Shop Front - Showcasing Australia

Our Philanthropy Foundation - A Foundation for the Nation

Australian Natural Disasters - Human Resource Pool Database

The Day to Day History of the Life and Times of Australia - 21st Century

Overview - Revised Bricks & Mortar Divisions

The Clean Economy Division - Projects in the Clean Economy

Clean Energy Department - The Battle against Climate Change

The Battle Begins


Lets go VIRAL

The Financial Divisions - Returning Trust to the Australian People

A Peoples' Bank & Financial Services Division

The Australian Workers Superannuation Fund Division

Conclusion - The Revised Bricks & Mortar Divisions

Banking Royal Commission

Media Diversity and Investigative Journalism

Project Conclusion

Expressions of Interest - Overall Project

Open Letter to the Top 42 richest people on Earth

Expression of Interests - The symbolic 42

The Meaning of the Ballad of the Fair Go

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