Open Letter to the Top Forty-Two richest people on Earth

Whatever it takes to save Planet Earth

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This is an Australian Story

Waltzing Matilda was born as an allegory of the social injustices that arose out of the ashes of The Great Shearers Strike of 1894 - of that there is no doubt.

The photo below (State Library of Queensland) was taken at Dagworth Station (the home of the squatter Bob Macpherson) on the 26th September 1894. Just a few short months later, Banjo Paterson was a guest at Dagworth Station where, with the musical assistance of Christina Macpherson, he first penned

Waltzing Matilda

And so he wrote...

Up came the Squatter a-riding his thoroughbred
Up came Policemen - one two and three!

Note the Three Policemen and the Squatter Bob Macpherson, 4th from the right, and the timber stockade manned by armed police. The unions & the squatters were at war with each other in the year of 1894. Waltzing Matilda is certainly not some simple little ditty about a sheep stealing swagman.

Creating a fairer society is something that happens on a very human scale

- The ethos of a Fair Go -

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Dear Sir/Madam,

First off, a very warm and sincere welcome to the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project and the 'Whatever it takes - to save Planet Earth' proposal.


Thank you for taking the time to access & read this open letter being one of the world's 2018 top 42 super-rich individuals. Congratulations.

This open letter is a unique and somewhat audacious attempt to unite the world for a head-on attack to help save Planet Earth from disastrous Climate Heating Events.

The letter is submitted by the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project (WM Project) on behalf of the citizens of the world, especially our kids, grandkids and our grandkids kids, not to mention all creatures great and small, whom in most cases, are innocent bystanders to the damage our species has inflicted on the planet.

In the Clean Energy Department Chapter of the project document, I spoke of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project undertaking whatever it takes to meet the introduction of a 100% clean renewable energy target for Australia.

Meeting that target, will require the new Corporation proposed to manage the WM Project; to create a working group of Australian and International Climate, Engineering, Economic and other Experts as required to;

  • Identify, Investigate and Report on whatever it takes (e.g. Energy source; engineering; investment required to renew our electricity generation architecture; investor confidence etc.) for Australia to introduce a 100% clean renewable energy target for electricity generation by 2050 or before (i.e. between 2030 and 2050) and aggressively supporting the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius, and

  • Create a project methodology based on those findings.

You would expect that what I am proposing from private enterprise would be a function of Government in Australia. Unfortunately, after a decade of Climate Wars in this country and inadequate targets worldwide to save our Kids from dangerous Climate Heating, this Battle will have to be started by Big Business & the Market, supported by we the people.

I then went on to say;

Although the working group's primary task is to investigate whatever it takes to meet a clean renewable energy future for electricity generation in Australia, the working group should also use the opportunity to address those other major contributors to our warming planet that are not so easy to change.


However - on reflection - I need to break that task up, as the working group will have enough on its plate in dealing with a 100% clean renewable energy target for electricity generation, let alone highlighting all the other major contributing factors to our warming planet which are not so easy to change or repair.

As a result of that decision, I was now minus one Climate Change Action document, critical towards galvanising the world to view climate change as a serious threat to their lives and the wellbeing of their kids and grandkids, both now and into an uncertain future.

It's time to ignore the climate sceptics and Government inaction by getting on with the job.

In Australia's case; the clean renewable electricity generation action plan would be covered by the Aussies controlling the WM Project, but who was going to identify, compile and document all the remaining major contributors to our warming planet?

I selected you Forty-Two Citizens of the World due to a 2018 statistic, declaring that the wealth of the top 42 richest individuals on Earth, is equal to that of the bottom 50% of Earth's inhabitants. It is an astonishing and daunting statistic.

You can see where this is heading can't you?

Call for Help

So who do I call?

The intention of this new call for help and this Open Letter, is addressed to the year 2018 - Top forty-two of the World's super-rich individuals to create the subject document.

Big Call? Well yes it is, in spite of the fact that all I am asking of your group, is to create, implement and manage just a single plain speaking document.

A document intended to be used to inspire the World, in the forthcoming climate WWIII battle to save planet Earth.

Should you agree, this document will be of unique historical importance, a symbol of hope and inspiration for the world to finally get behind serious and critical climate change repair action.

One single plain speaking document created by the richest 42 - on behalf of 3.7 billion of the poorest.

As pretentious or as farfetched as that may sound or is, I need as many as possible from the year 2018 - Top forty-two of the World's super-rich individuals (all 42 is the target) to support this request for help in creating this unique and critical document, potentially for the future of humanity.

The symbolism of the document cannot be overstated. It is that important.

Worldwide, big business have got the message; the majority of we the people have got the message; some governments have got the message; however far too many nations agree Climate Change is real, but are driven by "the economy" or fall under the spell of well funded and highly organized special-interest lobbyists. In both cases those decisions are disrespectful to our Kids now and into the future.

It's just not good enough... the Word of the Day for the next 11 years must be - UNITY.

The Top Forty-Two

Why all 42?

No doubt anyone of the Forty-Two could do the job in their own right, however symbolically - all forty-two will send the strongest message possible to 3.7 Billion of the world's poorest people, to whom these forty-two individuals have been forever linked.

A message - steeped in morality - that the world's poorest do matter. A message also to the remaining top 50% of the population, as we are responsible for most of the damage being inflicted on the planet.

I strongly believe that the - Symbolic Forty-Two - as I have tagged your group - are possibility humanities' last chance to get world governments to unite as one and stop this madness of putting economies first and foremost and not the Planet, nor the human spirit and the lives of millions of people in climate exposed countries all around the Globe.

The Paris Accord

We tried the Kyoto Protocol and we're struggling with the Paris Accord as temperatures keep rising. Climates version of WWIII must be declared and your group is urgently required to be the first of our Generals so to speak... The Paris accord is not going to do it as we were behind the eight ball from the very start, when targets were set too low after decades of inaction.

I can't believe we are all this bloody stupid to put up with this crap just over money, politics, power and ideology.

In October 2018, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gave us 12 years.Now it is closer to 11 and Australia just lost another 3 years with the return of a Government that started our Climate Wars.

The UN IPCC advise that urgent and unprecedented changes are needed just to reach the most ambitious temperatures between 1.5 degrees Celsius and 2 degrees Celsius.

On present form the 2 degrees Celsius is now in serious doubt and the world will need to play serious catch-up to meet any targets.

Unfortunately, this last ditch cry for action by the IPCC will probably again fall on deaf ears. That can't be allowed to happen. Madness... No other word for it. No one can take comfort from it either, as there will be nowhere to hide on Planet Earth.

In my naivety I do believe this unique group of elite Billionaires, supported by we the people, could very well be our last chance to force radical climate change repair action onto all democratic world governments.

What have we got to lose by having a go, apart from the Planet if we don't?

The Cave Rescue

The people of Thailand set the world an example of the human spirit in action, inside a flooded cave in Northern Thailand. It's time now for the rest of the world to remember the Thai Cave Rescue and what can be achieved when a Nation puts people before dollars.

Get Serious

It's Time to get serious... We're out of Time... Kicking the can down the track like Australian Governments have been doing for decades is no longer an option. Our grandkids will probably view it as boarding on climates version of self-inflicted crimes against humanity. It will be far too late to be saying sorry about that to the kids & grandkids in 11 years time.

The Role of the Media

The world media have an important, possibility critical, role to play in this initiative.

Worldwide, the Market and Climate savvy Governments are on the move. But not everywhere. In such cases, the Media needs to make them accountable and explain why if they are lacking.

The Aim of this proposal if implemented, is to formulate first a global plan to inspire the people of world, and create a country specific Battle Plan, accompanied with the proposed single plain speaking document.

The market in each country, with appropriate Government support, is to tailor Battle Plan in helping save the planet over the next 11 years, thus giving our Kids a fighting chance to recover lost ground after three decades of Climate Change Policy failure, both in Australia and around the Globe.

The task facing the world in taking critical climate change action is enormous and only 11 years now to get it done.

So lets start the journey where it counts most - the Big End of Town.

The climate change repair action story for this project starts right here. A simple, probably naive, but critical appeal for the creation and management of one simple plan speaking document.

Simple Plain Speaking Document

The document must be created by the best of the best of the world's climate scientists and other appropriate world experts as required. The design and presentation of the document must be simplistic in design and road-tested to ensure the average person in the street can fully understand, comprehend and recognize the seriousness of the problems facing Planet Earth. The School Kids will know about most of it as they have been paying attention whilst Rome burns.

No spin, just the facts, dangers and solutions; possibly under such headings as: Who - What - Where - When - Why - How and How Much. Nothing is sacred and nothing is to be left to chance. We need to know the cause & effects of our major problems both known and suspected. For us mere mortals; we need the climate change version of the KISS principles. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

The problem is worldwide and an action plan on how to tackle and prioritise these reported finding, facts and concerns must be compiled into a single plain speaking document. A document the citizens of the world can own, read, clearly understand and then come to terms with the serious dangers the world is about to face.

World experts are constantly dismayed, insisting the world is running out of time, as some governments return fire with more spin, however Australians have finally got the message. We can delay no longer...

We know that endless reports, thousands of scientific papers and scientific facts are being ignored by a number of governments worldwide. If we are being honest with ourselves, we must realise that as historical climate records tumble by the wayside, one frighting one after another this decade, we must be running out of time. It's a no-brainer.


This is, and has to be an Australian project. If the WM project is to become a reality, the power behind its creation will resides in our Nations rallying song Waltzing Matilda; the support of the Australian people - and the Australian billionaires who were present at the birth. Lets not simply sit back as our kids go on strike for the future of their planet on our behalf.

However, Climate Change is a world problem so the search starts today for the super-rich of the world to also get behind the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

Your acceptance in creating a single plain speaking document on climate change repair for worldwide distribution will be a game-changer. It would be a remarkable act of philanthropy from your group and worthy grandparents to witness the birth of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project and its Clean Energy Department.

Forget I'm an unknown Aussie - that's unimportant. Concentrate on the potential of Waltzing Matilda and the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project to help unite the world.

Waltzing Matilda is the peoples song and has rallied Aussies for over 100 years. Steeped in the history of the Fair Go, loved by all and known all around the world. I believe its dot com namesake can help motivate a united world effort to stop dangerous global warming.

I respectfully ask the Symbolic 42 on behalf of, to join us in this high profile movement to save Planet Earth.

You may just swing the balance. Don't forget, and this is critical to note, everything else has all but failed to date as the climate deteriorates before our very eyes.

It's Matilda's turn now... Girl Power on behalf of the Children of Planet Earth.

Climate change repair is WWIII but with most combatants all fighting on the same side. If scientific reports are correct, many may end up in a fight for their lives. If we fail our responsibilities, I have no doubt that we will certainly be on the losing side of the battle to save our kids and grandkids from a very dangerously warming planet and a miserable (but avoidable) future - if that is just the worst of what's now coming their way.

Together we can fight the battle... United we can win the war.

For the Symbolic Top 42 super-rich of the World in 2018, I thank you for your interest and taking the time to read the letter. Likewise the Australians billionaires, whom without their support, this is all for nothing in its present form. I hope that is not the case and we get to meet before long.

Each one of us needs to be aware of the problems we are facing as the climate deteriorates before our very eyes. We must all act and we must act now.

I need your help, as do the Australian people and the rest of world. We're all up for the fight but we need that symbolic one clear and precise plain speaking document and for the 42's to declare Climates WWIII.

For myself, I have created the proposed Clean Energy Department for the Kids and the Grandkids of the world. That'll do me credit wise.

For the Symbolic Forty-Two - I respectfully ask you to do it for their Planet.

That'll probably do your group as well.

Remember! No Planet B.

Much appreciated.

(For the moment)

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