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The enterprise described below details the revised version of a unique Australian project.

The title of the project is;

The Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

The original version of this project summarised a comprehensive mix of Cyberspace, Bricks & Mortar and Social Services enterprises. The project required the creation of a major corporation consisting of up to 23 division.

Unfortunately for its creator - the contents and unique methodology of the project; is not the work of a team of high-priced industry consultants, but the work of just one person. I am no one in particular just your average Australian; a senior citizen and a person with no significant private enterprise experience; nor any sort of public or Facebook profile and no Twitter account either.

I created the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project (WM Project) on a part time basis - bit by bit - one disturbing publicly reported media story after another. Stories alleging price gouging, greed, corruption and dishonesty etcetera by individuals, corporations and multi-nationals from big and small business alike.

Actions that impacted on far too many ordinary Australians powerless to fight back on inequality or against the failure of the Australian ethos of the fair go in numerous aspects of everyday life in this country. Postscript: To rub salt into the wound, the International Monetary Fund now has us amongst the Nations with the fastest rates of income inequality.

This project may not be able to solve the problem of inequality globally, however, it does go some way in highlighting and proposing solutions for a number of those failures here in Australia on behalf of a powerless and at present - silent majority.

As a 70 + year old nobody with no help or resources, I knew I would only get one or two shots of convincing Big Business Philanthropists to come on board. I knew the Australian public would get it, but we were not getting a look-in as individuals. With regards to Climate Change Repair Action, we require a Climate Change Movement and if anyone could do it Matilda would.

So! In early 2016 I parked the project and sat back and waited. Waiting for the day when a Banking Royal Commission on the banks was eventually called to investigate the alleged greed and corruption of the banks & others; and/or serious Climate Change Events started hitting the Australia shores. At that time, the pollies would probably lose creditability and the Climate Wars could be called to account.

That day has now arrived. The Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project is a project for the nation - a project whose time has come.

So who am I?

That is unimportant as this project is not to be all about me. I will surface at the appropriate time, however until then, this stage of the project is about a search for 10 (or more) unique philanthropic Australian billionaires within the 200 or so on Australia's Rich Lists and/or others.

And why is it not all about me?


It cannot be implemented by me alone,

It could never be owned by me, and

Left to my own devices - it may just become another one of those good ideas that failed to win over the support of Australian big business; subsequently forcing so many innovators in the past to go offshore for funding and in many cases - success...

But in the case of the remaining two Bricks & Mortar Divisions in this revised version of the project, i.e. (1) the Clean Economy Division and (2) the Financial Divisions, that is not considered an option.

The national concern over the state of these two sectors of our economy is now well known to Big Business and to all Australians. As such;

This is an Australian problem

We created it and we need to fix it.

Lack of profound action in fighting Climate Change, plus the 'greed and corruption' being reported as a result of the Banking Royal Commission were created in our name...

It dismays the majority... and encourages the minority... but given time - these actions can be fixed by the best of us... and by the character within us.

And for very good reasons...

As will be revealed throughout the project documents, (restricted distribution will apply) the success of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project will be dependent on the support of just two diverse groups of Australians.

1. The first group will; as the projects first choice and subject to individual division's implementation costs, ideally consist of just ten individual Philanthropic Billionaires - with conditions applied. (See: "The first group" below)

2. The second group is without doubt - the Australian people. (See: "The Second Group" below)

Subject to the initial response of this now public call for help, be that one or more respondents, the make-up of the projects ownership group will need to be discussed.

My current position is a maximum number of 10 seats (be they; individuals and/or syndicates) to make up the Board of Directors, the occupants of which may then become the sole owners (per seat) of certain select divisions within a unique corporate structure.

I say select divisions, as the Corporation proposed by the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project, will contain a number of unique high profile Cyberspace, Bricks & Mortar and Social Services divisions, some of which are so large, it will be apparent that the divisions in those categories will undoubtedly require outside funding and commitment.

However those decisions can only be made by the final list of respondents and not by myself. It is way above my pay grade...

My thoughts however on those ownership discussions are as follows;

Individual Billionaires may like to consider if they would take a seat in their own right or combine with others (small in number) to take up one seat as a syndicate. Each syndicate may only fill one of the proposed 10 seats in the Board Room,

Once the 10 seats are filled, those members will become, as a minimum, the sole owners of many of the cyberspace divisions within this high profile Cyberspace, Bricks & Mortar and Social Services Corporation, and

Note: My initial project methodology was based on an ownership group of just ten individual philanthropic billionaires to own all of the cyberspace divisions and to run the overall Corporation. However that decision will also be in the hands of those big business respondents to this now very public request for help.

The First Group;

As stated, the creation of the proposed corporation will ideally require the project to be accepted in principle by ten social minded Australian billionaires in the first instance (or multi-millionaires in the let's say flexible - $500M plus bracket) with philanthropy - be that via public donations or behind the scenes actions - and the belief in the Australian ethos of the Fair Go - as a testament to their character; for the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project is a philanthropy based project and will not be run with a Greed is Great philosophy. As such, personal and corporate philanthropy based intentions is the one condition that must be set in concrete.

Their first, and project critical task, will be to create, fund and oversee a Project Evaluation & Feasibility Working Group,

Once established, the working group is to ascertain if my assumptions on the extraordinary potential of the project are correct and if so, report back to the group on the way forward, and

In other words ladies and gentlemen, a low risk assessment before fully committing to the funding, design and implementation stages of the proposed divisions that survive the review.

The Second Group;

2. The second group is without doubt - the Australian people.

For it is the Australian public whom you and the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project will be working on behalf of...

Oddly enough to some in Big Business, the second group is more important than the ownership group above. A point that I'm confident will be fully understood and endorsed by those who form the ownership group.

To the first group's credit, putting up ones hands to come on board the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project will not be an easy decision. I understand that. It will take a special breed of elite Australians for this project just to get to first base - the creation of a Project Evaluation & Feasibility Working Group. That's step 1. It must not be allowed to fail before it even starts.

To that end, this project was always going to be scoffed at by many but I am determined to have the last laugh. I can tell you who is not laughing at this unique project concept; the three million Australians living below the poverty line; all the have nots, and an ever increasing number of the haves...

For those out there thinking that Australia only has about 76 Billionaires and I'll never get their support to fill the ten available slots; well yes!!! You may be right...

I may fall short, but I have faith that amongst the philanthropists currently sitting on the 2018 Financial Review Top 200 Rich List, (and those eligible but avoiding the list) I will get enough takers to fund and implement the first step in the project methodology, that is; the Project Evaluation & Feasibility Working Group Review for this revised version, and possibly even the complete original version of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

When that time arrives, even if I only get one of the ten slots filled, my first question will be - do we now have to open the project up to the world to get it started? That is the one thing I do not want to be forced to do as this is, and should always be - an Australian owned and run corporation.

If I must however, the odds should be in my favour as;

Forbes reported in 2018 that they have pinned down a record 2,208 billionaires from 72 countries and territories with a total group worth of $9.1 trillion and average net worth of a record $4.1 billion.

Going down that track would be a sad day for this nation - would it not?

However I am getting ahead of myself... Let's all hope it does not come to that.

I also understand that once the projects philanthropy intentions are partially revealed (due to commercial-in-confidence protection in the first instant) to genuine and identify confirmed requests for further details, you will become very aware that the generosity of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project will go a long way in changing the perspective that many Australians have about inequality and the big end of town.

Media reports coming out of the Banking Royal Commission have certainly highlighted examples of alleged greed and corruption, in what was once the trusted and respected profession of banking when I was growing up.

And the banks were not alone, as there have been many other instances of alleged corruption and greed reported by the media over the past decade, whilst at the same time inequality in Australia kept going south.

Australians have lost confidence in big business.

They despair at these unconscionable alleged examples of greed & dishonesty, actions & deeds that have been exposed over the past and present decades. Those revelations have been doing enormous social and economic harm to the confidence and the hip pocket of many of the haves and to most of the have nots of the nation.

However for this project to be successful, I cannot let myself believe that it is what it is and for Big Business in this country, in spite of royal commissions and everything else reported in the past, it is still business as usual, whilst inequality, excesses everywhere, millions living below the poverty line and stagnant wages; are all increasing.

However Big Business Philanthropists live and work in that same world and I don't hear anyone accusing them of corruption. Hard nose business people perhaps, but they certainly know how to give back to society nevertheless.

And that the point isn't it... Enough is enough... Australians are hurting and hurting bad in far too many reported cases.

The WM Project is the start of the fightback, with the help of these same elite philanthropists for what will become a very public and high profile project with the stated aim of;

Giving back to Society - A New Direction ©

The design intent of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project is to make a stand against a number of unfair practices, by turning back the tide towards the middle ground in support of all Australians. It will not be a project for the greed is great operators of the world but a project for the Philanthropists of Australia. A fair go project towards social justice and the well-being of all who call Australia home.

It is also a project for all those shocked by the examples coming out of the Banking Royal Commission and have come to the realisation that for them - enough is enough - urgent action is now required in the Finance sector.

Then there is the big one... Saving the planet from dangerous climate change events, both now and towards a fast approaching uncertain future. I have dealt with this issue extensively later on in the document.

And as a just reward for all respondents...

Australians will respond in their millions and the majority will have Climate Change on their mind as climate records fall, one after another at alarming rates - all potential customers - most with kids and grandkids - and all with on-line access to the projects Commercial, Social Service and Social Capital sites, if and when this project gets a green light.

It is no accident that access to all of those divisions will be via No other web address could be associated with assisting the return of the ethos of a Fair Go to Big Business, now on the nose, as successfully as Waltzing Matilda Dot Com will be.

However as a footnote, please note: No product or service will be traded bearing the name Waltzing Matilda. NOTHING - not the Corporation trading name nor any of its goods and services.

That approach would never work as we will not be in the business of selling Waltzing Matilda branded products.

I also believe that no one should ever be able to Trade Mark individual goods or services under the name of Waltzing Matilda...

Waltzing Matilda belongs to all of us.

Because Waltzing Matilda belongs to us all, it is only fitting and proper that is the gateway to our range of diverse products and services.

It will be a beacon for the have nots as well as the haves as divisions come on line, progressively become known as the gateway towards a fairer Australia. A gateway address already well known and respected by the Nation. We will not let them down.

For more than 100 years, Waltzing Matilda has rallied this nation in song and in war... Waltzing Matilda has marched our troops to war and marched them home again. Now more than ever, Australians need to once again rally around our world famous song. I have no doubt that will provide them with that opportunity as a result of this project.

If you are in any doubt how big business is, or should be feeling right now, then I could not have put it any better than that of an article by the journalist & author Mr. Ross Gittins - reporting on the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry - published in the SMH on the 30th April 2018...

And I Quote:

The Boot is on the other foot and Big Business is on the Nose.

As a result of the Banking Royal Commission (even in these early days) and the fact that for most Australians, Big Business is on the nose.

The misbehaviour by banks and other big financial players revealed by the royal commission is so extensive and so shocking it's likely to do lasting damage to the public credibility and political influence of the whole of big business and its lobby groups.


Ross Gittins is correct in his writing that the misbehaviour by banks and other big financial players is so extensive and so shocking, it is likely to do lasting damage to the whole of big business, however the design intent of the WM Project is not to join in or to take-on big business as such, but for big business to lead by example in the return of the ethos of a Fair Go towards a fairer and socially aware Australia.

A fair go model, targeted at the few, not necessarily the many, on how business in this nation can be conducted if greed and corruption is replaced with extraordinary acts of philanthropy, in line with the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project aim of;

Giving back to Society - A New Direction ©

So! For all the philanthropists and the social warriors of big business out there, if you are concerned that big business is on the nose, you are never going to get a better opportunity to demonstrate that concern to the Australian people; that in spite of most Australians agreeing that big business is on the nose, there are many of you being unreasonably tarred with the same brush. If you are one of them you must be devastated that in Australia, it has come down to this...

The following is in part, my answer towards a fightback in fixing some of the problems.

The Revised Project

The original version of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project required the creation of a major corporation consisting of up to 23 division, classified as either Cyberspace or Bricks & Mortar divisions. Reviewed in 2016, the proposed corporation was reduced to a more realistic number of just seven divisions.

The remaining 16 divisions from the original project proposal have been mothballed as Stage II, to be made available for assessment as and when required by the proposed Project Evaluation & Feasibility Working Group.

Stage I - Start-up Enterprises

The remaining seven Divisions/Departments will now be the focus for the remainder of this document under the heading - Stage I - Start-up Enterprises; however for classification purposes they will be listed in their original project classification class.

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