Old Dagworth Station
The Birthplace of Waltzing Matilda
(State Library of Queensland)
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Returning the ethos of the Fair Go to the Australian people
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This is an Australian Story

Waltzing Matilda was born as an allegory of the social injustices that arose out of the ashes of The Great Shearers Strike of 1894 - of that there is no doubt.

The photo below (State Library of Queensland) was taken at Dagworth Station (the home of the squatter Bob Macpherson) on the 26th September 1894. Just a few short months later, Banjo Paterson was a guest at Dagworth Station where, with the musical assistance of Christina Macpherson, he first penned

Waltzing Matilda

And so he wrote...

Up came the Squatter a-riding his thoroughbred
Up came Policemen - one two and three!


Note the Three Policemen and the Squatter Bob Macpherson, 4th from the right, and the timber stockade manned by armed police. The unions & the squatters were at war with each other in the year of 1894. Waltzing Matilda is certainly not some simple little ditty about a sheep stealing swagman.

Creating a fairer society is something that happens on a very human scale

- The ethos of a Fair Go -

  Welcome to the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project

Welcome to Stage I the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project. On the 1st April 2019, a revised version of the project went live.

The original project commenced on the 6th January 2006 on a part-time basic, one disturbing publicly reported media story after another. Stories alleging price gouging, greed, corruption and dishonesty etcetera by individuals, corporations and multi-nationals from big and small business alike. Actions that impacted on far too many ordinary Australians powerless to fight back on inequality.

It is also a story about Australia's Climate Wars and introduces an exciting Australian and Global project initiative to make the Planet a safer environment for our Kids, Grandkids and their Kids - starting to-day. The IPCC tell us we have only 12 years left to get the job done. We are out of time... We must act NOW!

Last but not least; it is a Call for Help directed at Australian Billionaire Philanthropists from the Big End of Town and a Call for Help for the People of Australia to ensure the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project goes VIRAL. But wait there's more...

It is also a Call for Help in requesting the Top Forty-Two richest people on Planet Earth, (the Symbolic 42) to join the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project and together, invite the world to enlist their voices and actions towards the forthcoming battle to save Planet Earth from catastrophic Global Warming. If you are one of the Symbolic 42 please click on this Open Letter to the Top Forty-Two richest people on Earth. The Kids and the Grandkids will thank-you for it one day...

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Before you enter Matilda Country, I would like to thank-you for being just one step away from potentially joining the battle of our lives - That of stopping Global Warming. The world has just experienced the five warmest years on record over the past five years, with the 20 warmest years occurring during the past 22 years - the trend could not be clearer.

If you do nothing else this year - I urge you, at the very least, to read the Clean Energy Department - The Battle against Climate Change Page from the Table of Contents that follows below and on completion, click the following link either now - Lets Go VIRAL - or when it appears at the bottom of the last page of the Clean Energy Department chapter. Much appreciated - I Thank You... 👍

PLEASE ENTER: the Table of Contents page and help return the ethos of the Fair Go and join the Battle to save Planet Earth from devastating Global Warming events for our Kids and Grandkids. We caused it - We must fix it...

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