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Business and Social Service Project Proposal

Project Aim:

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Returning the ethos of the Fair Go to the Australian people
and helping save Planet Earth from catastrophic Climate Change

This is an Australian Story

  Welcome to Lets go VIRAL

I need your help. Big Time...

In the Clean Energy Department, I have introduced an exciting Australian and Global project initiative to help Australians and others all around the world, help ensure the Planet is a safe, liveable environment for the youth of the world, including our Kids, Grandkids and their Kids - starting to-day - and continuing until the Battle is won.

Todays youth are the first of future generations in the Firing Line, whilst Australia and far too many countries, both prosperous or developing, are not doing enough to win the Battle for serious Climate Change Repair Action on behalf of our Youth and future generations lives. This has to stop and stop now.

Our Youth are voicing their concern and registering to vote in record numbers, whilst under 18 school kids join them on the streets in a global protest movement for upping the ante on world Climate Change Action - in the expectation that powerful people will finally stop this apparent business as usual attitude, make a stand against the norm, recognise the dangers of a Warming Planet as a life and death imperative for the Youth, then act accordingly, by taking the fight to save the Planet and their Business into the Board Room in solidarity with our kids. History will not be kind to those who act against the future safety of our only Planet, the Kids and Grandkids.

Our Youth are also in for the fight of their lives. They know it, as do their Parents and Guardians.

It will be a game, even foolish Politician who does not take the youth vote seriously this time around. And not just the youth. I would imagine that in most cases, the Adults in their lives will support their kids actions and concerns on Global Warming. The tide has turned and now the vast majority of Australians support a Clean Energy Future for themselves and their kids.

The voters of Australia can have their say over the pollies jobs every three years, however competition, clean green projects, people power and the Fair Go is the only way to beat those of the the rich and powerful who blatantly ignore this now global fight to save the Planet. This is madness to ignore the science. Think of that next time science saves your life.

In defence of Big Business, the vast majority support Climate Change Repair Action and are joining the battle on the kids behalf, but reality is always on show in relation to coal and cheap electricity.

The Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project exists for these very reasons. Waltzing Matilda - The Ballad of the Fair Go and Australians do not want to see their mates and fellow citizens lose their livelihood in our existing carbon environment, but they will fight tooth and nail to protect the future of their kids. The majority of us know there are other options and we must all move back to the centre ground for the safety of all future generations. Government and Industry must now take into consideration, the lives of all workers and small business, in this now unstable transition to an inevitable clean renewable energy world.

Even the true climate change deniers, must be having serious doubts, as the climate continues to deliver frighting and convincing examples of its power.

How did it get to this? The political class has failed us and our school kids are fighting the Battles we should all be fighting, as they undertake strike action and streets marches to save the Planet from serious Global Warming. Meanwhile, under our watch - tens of thousands die every year from severe climate change events.

The World Health Organisation reported that in the heat wave of summer 2003 in Europe for example, more than 70 000 excess deaths were recorded, whilst globally, the number of reported weather-related natural disasters has more than tripled since the 1960s, now resulting in over 60 000 deaths each year, mainly in developing countries. If 60,000 Australians dropped dead over weather-related natural disasters next year, would you still be sitting back and watching our Politicians argue over your Electricity Bill - Clean or Dirty?

We may only be here for a short time but we DO NOT have the right to destroy the planet for future generation for whatever reasons. It's just not on...

The United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change, (IPCC) tell us, either correctly or incorrectly depending on your belief, we have only 12 years left to get the job done, whilst others disagree. If the majority vote is correct, then we are out of time people... We must act and we must act NOW! We cannot continue to sit back and watch Planet Earth possibly self-destruct with regards to extreme and deadly Global Warming events.

So how to we turn it all around? Well many have tried over the past 40 years with either limited success or failure as the temperature keeps rising and the ice caps keep melting.

Amongst many others out there doing their bit; It's my turn now. So what are my changes? Honestly? Not looking good... Five Prime Ministers have already tried, failed and lost their job. So! What do you think the chances of a 72 year old nobody like myself doing any better?

The climates turning to shit, an election is imminent and the Climate Wars are getting a new lease of life. Disgraceful Guys, and lets face it; Men are making most of the decisions in a Warming Planet. At present, worldwide targets on Climate Change are just not going to do it and the Youth of Planet Earth are going to be the losers...

I don't know about you, but I just can't sit back with my head in the dust and take that kind of risk with the lives and future of all the Kids and Grandkids of the world.

But I know a girl who can help them; and with Motherly instinct . Her name is Matilda. So, if us blokes are failing to get the job done, how about we give the Girls a Go? Yeah! I know; we tried that when Julia was one of the PM's who got the flick, but to her enduring character, Julia did say the task would be much easier for the next woman.

Now my, and your Matilda - she belongs to all of us you know - is ready to take on the pollies and the climate deniers in the battle to do her bit to help save the youth of Australia and then the World, from a dangerous and Warming Planet. Girl Power in Action... For over a hundred years, Matilda has marched us mainly men to War and marched us home again. This time it's her time to go to the Front.

She's getting on, so she'll needs your support. So lets, regardless of how busy you think you are at the moment, stop everything and help her Go VIRAL

I'm in - Now what about you? What are you going to do?


OK you got this far - Don't stop now...

Now for the reality check... One person created this project... With; No Help - No Money (and don't send any) - and No Resources.

The reality is; that it is not I, but Billionaire Philanthropists who will own and operate the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project. They believe in the ethos of the Fair Go, and Philanthropy but they are not a charity. If you run down the list of Divisions in the Table of Contents, you will note the WM Project is a mix of Social Services and Commercial Enterprises. As such, a solid Customer Base will be required and I am confident it will be provided when the time comes.

So! For now - lets get the Project to Go VIRAL and show the Big End of Town that you are right behind them in this unique Australian Project. None of this Us and Them for the WM Project as we both need each other for success.

So many of our iconic brands have already left our shores, but one way or another, Waltzing Matilda is going nowhere... However, the opposite is true if I turn that into slang; it is also going nowhere fast if Australians and concerned World citizens don't unite, take the 15 minutes or so to Cut and Paste the contents below and send it to all your friends asking them to do the same and send it to all their friends.

By doing so, you and your mates/friends etc. will have done their bit to kick start this unique Project as you watch it Go VIRAL on behalf of the Youth of the World. Including the Grandkids... Well Done... Oh by the way, for all the people you come across on friendly terms who may not be on your Mailing Lists, tell them about the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project as well. Thanks for that...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project and in doing your part of helping the Clean Energy Department, the Open Letter to the Forty-Two richest people on Earth and the overall WM Project to Go VIRAL. Much Appreciated and one for the Grandkids... And the Youth...

Cut and Paste

So, to SPREAD THE WORD, please Cut the section below, then Paste the contents via; posts, links, email or text to all your friends, asking them to do the same to all their friends, in particular; highlighting the Climate Change section of the document. And after you have spread the word, let me know at goviral@waltzingmatilda.com Much Appreciated.

Cut and Paste the following between the two lines;

G'day Mate,

Welcome to the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project (WM Project). If you are reading the following letter, it is because the sender is taking responsibility and doing their bit to help make the Clean Energy Department of the WM Project Go VIRAL all around Australia and the World.

As is explained in the project documents, the Clean Energy Department - is one for the Kids, Grandkids and their Kids, in helping save them from a dangerous Warming Planet if the world does not UNITE; and take the dangers we are all about face if we don't take Climate Change Repair Action seriously. There is no time to waste - just ask the Grandkids...

So! Can you help and do your bit for the Kids, Grandkids and their Kids? If so, please take the time to read the following pages. On completion, (or if you have read sufficient to agree) please click the "Lets Go VIRAL" link at the bottom of the document and repeat the SPREAD THE WORD request via; posts, links, email or text to all your friends, asking them to do the same to all their friends, in particular; highlighting the Climate Change section of the document. Much Appreciated.

1. Please read the Clean Energy Department - The Battle against Climate Change via this link Clean Energy Department or copy the following URL into the Address Bar of your Web Browser - https://www.waltzingmatilda.com/cleanecon.html

2. To read the Open Letter to the Forty-Two richest people on Earth click this link Open Letter or copy the following URL into the Address Bar of your Web Browser - https://www.waltzingmatilda.com/openletter.html

3. To explore the overall Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project please click this link The WM Project or copy the following URL into the Address Bar of your Web Browser - https://www.waltzingmatilda.com

We need to go viral the world over...

You have that power...

Much Appreciated


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