Executive Overview

The Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project ©


Business and Social Service Project Proposal

A Revised Version

Project Aim: Giving Back To Society - A New Direction ©

This is an Australian Story

Waltzing Matilda was born as an allegory of the social injustices that arose out of the ashes of The Great Shearers Strike of 1894 - of that there is no doubt.

The photo below (State Library of Queensland) was taken at Dagworth Station (the home of the squatter Bob Macpherson) on the 26th September 1894. Just a few short months later, Banjo Paterson was a guest at Dagworth Station where, with the musical assistance of Christina Macpherson, he first penned

Waltzing Matilda

And so he wrote...

Up came the Squatter a-riding his thoroughbred
Up came Policemen - one two and three!


Note the Three Policemen and the Squatter Bob Macpherson, 4th from the right, and the timber stockade manned by armed police. The unions & the squatters were at war with each other in the year of 1894. Waltzing Matilda is certainly not some simple little ditty about a sheep stealing swagman.

Creating a fairer society is something that happens on a very human scale

- The ethos of a Fair Go -


The enterprise described below details the revised version of a unique Australian project.

The title of the project is;

The Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project ©

The original version of this project summarised a comprehensive mix of Cyberspace, Bricks & Mortar and Social Services enterprises. The project required the creation of a major corporation consisting of up to 23 division.

Unfortunately for its creator - the contents and unique methodology of the project; is not the work of a team of high-priced industry consultants, but the work of just one person. I am no one in particular just your average Australian; a senior citizen and a person with no significant private enterprise experience; nor any sort of public or Facebook profile and no Twitter account either.

I created the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project (WM Project) on a part time basis - bit by bit - one disturbing publicly reported media story after another. Stories alleging price gouging, greed, corruption and dishonesty etcetera by individuals, corporations and multi-nationals from big and small business alike.

Actions that impacted on far too many ordinary Australians powerless to fight back on inequality or against the failure of the Australian ethos of the fair go in numerous aspects of everyday life in this country. Postscript: To rub salt into the wound, the International Monetary Fund now has us amongst the Nations with the fastest rates of income inequality.

This project may not be able to solve the problem of inequality globally, however, it does go some way in highlighting and proposing solutions for a number of those failures here in Australia on behalf of a powerless and at present - silent majority.

As a 70 + year old nobody with no help or resources, I knew I would only get one or two shots of convincing Big Business Philanthropists to come on board. I knew the Australian public would get it, but we were not getting a look-in as individuals. A Climate Change Movement was required and if anyone could do it Matilda would.

So! In early 2016 I parked the project and sat back and waited. Waiting for the day when a Banking Royal Commission on the banks was eventually called to investigate the alleged greed and corruption of the banks & others; and/or serious Climate Change Events started hitting the Australia shores. At that time, the pollies would probably lose creditability and the Climate Wars could be called to account.

That day has now arrived. The Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project is a project for the nation - a project whose time has come.

So who am I?

That is unimportant as this project is not to be all about me. I will surface at the appropriate time, however until then, this stage of the project is about a search for 10 (or more) unique philanthropic Australian billionaires within the 200 or so on Australia's Rich Lists and/or others.

And why is it not all about me?


But in the case of the remaining two Bricks & Mortar Divisions in the revised version of the project, e.g. (1) the Clean Economy Division and (2) the Financial Divisions, that is not considered an option.

The national concern over the state of these two sectors of our economy is now well known to Big Business and to all Australians.

As such;

This is an Australian problem.

We created it and we need to fix it.

Lack of profound action in fighting Climate Change, plus the 'greed and corruption' being reported as a result of the Banking Royal Commission were created in our name... it dismays the majority... and encourages the minority... but given time - these actions can be fixed by the best of us... and by the character within us.

And for very good reasons...

As will be revealed throughout the project documents, the success of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project will be dependent on the support of just two diverse groups of Australians.

The first group will; as the projects first choice and subject to individual division's implementation costs, ideally consist of just ten individual Philanthropic Billionaires.

Subject to the initial response of this public call for help, be that one or more respondents, the make-up of the projects ownership group will obviously need to be discussed. My current position is a maximum number of 10 seats (be they; individuals and/or syndicates) to make up the Board of Directors, the occupants of which may then become the sole owners (per seat) of certain select divisions within a unique corporate structure.

I say select divisions, as the Corporation proposed by the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project, will contain a number of unique high profile Cyberspace, Bricks & Mortar and Social Services divisions, some of which will undoubtedly require outside funding and commitment.

My thoughts are as follows;

For the first group;

The second group is without doubt - the Australian people.

For it is the Australian public you and the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project will be working on behalf of...

Oddly enough for some in Big Business, the second group is more important than the ownership group above. A point that I'm confident will be fully understood and endorsed by those who form that group.

To the first group's credit, it will take a special breed of elite Australians for this project to get to first base - the creation of a Project Evaluation & Feasibility Working Group. That's step 1. It must not be allowed to fail before it even starts.

This project may be scoffed at by many but I am determined to have the last laugh. Those most likely not to be laughing at this unique project concept is; the three million Australians living below the poverty line; all the have nots, and an ever increasing number of the haves...

For those thinking Australia only has about 76 Billionaires so I'll never get their support to fill the ten slots; well yes!!! They may be right... I may fall short, but I have faith that amongst the philanthropists currently sitting on the 2018 Financial Review Top 200 Rich List, (and those eligible but avoiding the list) I will get enough takers to fund and implement the first step in the project methodology, that is; the Project Evaluation & Feasibility Working Group Review for this revised version, and possibly even the complete original version of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

When that time arrives, my first question will be - do we have to open the project up to the world to get it started? I do not want to be forced into that as this is, and should always be - an Australian owned and run corporation.

If I must however, the odds should be in my favour as;

Forbes reported in 2018 that they have pinned down a record 2,208 billionaires from 72 countries and territories with a total group worth of $9.1 trillion and average net worth of a record $4.1 billion.

Going down that track would be a sad day for this nation - would it not?

However, once the projects philanthropy intentions are understood, Australians will become very aware that the generosity of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project will go a long way in changing the perspective that many Australians have about inequality and the big end of town.

Media reports coming out of the Banking Royal Commission have certainly highlighted examples of alleged greed and corruption, in what was once the trusted and respected profession of banking when I was growing up. And the banks were not alone, as there have been many other instances of alleged corruption and greed reported by the media over the past decade, whilst at the same time inequality in Australia kept going south.

Australians have lost confidence in big business. They despair at these unconscionable alleged examples of greed & dishonesty, actions & deeds that have been exposed over the past and present decades. Those revelations have been doing enormous social and economic harm to the confidence and the hip pocket of many of the haves and to most of the have nots of the nation.

However for this project to be successful, I cannot let myself believe that it is what it is and for Big Business in this country, in spite of royal commissions and everything else reported in the past, it is still business as usual, whilst inequality, excesses everywhere, millions living below the poverty line and stagnant wages; are all increasing.

However Big Business Philanthropists live and work in that same world and I don't hear anyone accusing them of corruption. Hard nose business people perhaps, but they certainly know how to give back to society nevertheless.

And that the point isn't it... Enough is enough... Australians are hurting and hurting bad in far too many reported cases.

The WM Project is the start of the fightback, with the help of these same elite philanthropists for what will become a very public and high profile project with the stated aim of;

Giving back to Society - A New Direction ©

The design intent of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project is to make a stand against a number of unfair practices, by turning back the tide towards the middle ground in support of all Australians. It will not be a project for the greed is great operators of the world but a project for the Philanthropists of Australia. A Fair Go project towards social justice and the well-being of all who call Australia home.

It is also a project for all those shocked by the examples coming out of the Banking Royal Commission and have come to the realisation that for them - enough is enough - urgent action is now required in the Finance sector.

Then there is the big one... Saving the planet from dangerous climate change events, both now and towards a fast approaching uncertain future. I have dealt with this issue extensively later on in the document.

And as a just reward for all respondents...

Australians will respond in their millions - all potential customers - and all with on-line access to the projects Commercial, Social Service and Social Capital sites, if and when this project gets a green light.

It is no accident that access to all of those divisions will be via https://www.waltzingmatilda.com No other web address could be associated with assisting the return of the ethos of a Fair Go to Big Business, now on the nose, as successfully as Waltzing Matilda Dot Com will be.

The Revised Project

The original version of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project required the creation of a major corporation consisting of up to 23 division, classified as either Cyberspace or Bricks & Mortar divisions. Reviewed in 2016, the proposed corporation was reduced to a more realistic number of just seven divisions. The remaining 16 divisions from the original project proposal have been mothballed as Stage II, to be made available for assessment as and when required by the proposed Project Evaluation & Feasibility Working Group.

Stage I - Start-up Enterprises

The remaining seven Divisions/Departments will now be the focus for the remainder of this document under the heading - Stage I - Start-up Enterprises; however for classification purposes they will be listed in their original project classification class.

Overview - Revised Cyberspace Divisions

Stage I of the original Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project was reserved for all of the Corporations Cyberspace Divisions. The original cyberspace divisions have now been reduced from 14 to 5 divisions.

The first two of the Cyberspace sites promote Australia both locally and to the rest of the world under the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com banner.

They are;

Neither site will have eCommerce operations other than being open for business for paid advertisements. Advertising rates will be fair and very competitive in accordance with our Fair Go for Business pricing policy, whilst hyperlinks back to advertisers own web sites will be provided. Both web sites should be within a reasonably capital cost outlay to design, code and implement.

Both sites will be profitable but within reason, in their own right via advertisement revenue, however the real winners will be Australian Goods, Services & Attractions and the businesses that supply them.

The targeted aim of the WM project is to become a world renowned corporation, dedicated in promoting the nation, her enterprises and her people. A corporation based on philanthropy not greed.

Once established, our own search engine will open the doors to the rest of the world seeking Australian Goods, Services and Attractions. At present, Google and Facebook swallows billions of the world's advertising dollars. In 2017, Australian business outlaid $7.6 billion for online advertising. I wonder how much of that went offshore tax free?

The third cyberspace division is the retention of the projects philanthropy foundation.

Our Philanthropy Foundation

The foundation will play a critical role in promoting the Australian ethos of the Fair Go by carrying out all of waltzingmatilda.com philanthropic pursuits and projects towards a compassionate and fairer Australia. Public and corporate donations will be welcome, however agreements on funding the Foundation from the Commercial Divisions of the WM Project are commercial-in-confidence, and will be a discussion to be had at another time. What I can say, is that the public acceptance of the project, will in no small part, be due to the generosity of the funding agreement between the foundation and the projects new Corporation. In particular;

Giving Back To Society - A New Direction ©

The remaining two cyberspace divisions have been included to answer that inspiring call of JFK; "...ask what you can do for your Country".

Both sites will provide unique social service platforms accessible to all Australians and will build two extraordinary Social Capital databases for the nation.

They are;

Each of the Stage I cyberspace web sites provide a public service to business and to the people of Australia and all five enterprises will sit comfortably under the philanthropic intentions/public service of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

Australian Natural Disasters - Reserve Human Resource Pool Database

The Reserve Human Resource Pool database will be one of our commitments to the dire warnings of the world's Climate Scientists.

The climate is changing and Australia is the land of Droughts, Fire, Floods, and ever increasing Category 4 & 5 Cyclones. This site will put boots on the ground in the case of serve national disasters, e.g. the 2010-2011 Brisbane Floods, as and when required by Australia's official emergency services organisations.

Once operational, this site will become a high profile public service enterprise, by centralising national calls for boots on the ground from Australia's official Emergency Services organisations, at times of very public local and national emergencies. Over recent years, a number of web sites created by private individuals have appeared at times of significant natural disasters, including many occurrences of individuals using the power of Facebook.

Although past efforts of our fellow citizens is much appreciated; our climate is changing and we are already experiencing an increase of severe weather patterns. We can and must do better than relying on ad-hoc calls for help from dedicated individuals, when quick response time is essential.

The Reserve Human Resource Pool database will provide all Australians with an opportunity to join this reserve resource pool register of volunteers. If and when required, a simple TXT and/or email via an App, will advise the relevant emergency services, the resources available to put boot on the ground for deployment and/or planning purposes before, or at the start of an impending disaster event - not having to scramble for help and long registration queues after the event.

The Day to Day History of the Life and Times of Australia - the 21st Century

The Day to Day History of the Life and Times of Australia has the potential to be something quite extraordinary - a first in the world to the best of my knowledge - not to mention profitable.

This free service will be offered to every Australian entity; i.e. government, business, organisations, groups and the individual - Everyone! A digital work in progress database of historical worthy records for all Australians to record for perpetuity.

The intention is to allow all Australians to create historical records worthy of public storage and controlled viewing, detailing permanent pictorial, written and oral records of the day to day history in the life and times of Australia and her people.

This site will, through bringing people together, take Social Capital in Australia to a whole new level.

Strict controls will be in place to ensure the database only holds historical records worthy of national storage. (Although consideration of a fee for back-up service of Non-Historical Photos and Documents etcetera should be considered during the development stage.)

To off-set server and storage costs, we need to investigate hosting on our servers. Business Web Site Hosting is a natural flow-on effect for all the businesses and corporations who use the database to record the history of their business for perpetuity.

There are also a number of other possible profitable services this enterprise can be used for, however those service ideas will remain commercial-in-confidence for now.

Overview - Revised Bricks & Mortar Divisions

Stage II of the original Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project was reserved for all of the Corporations Bricks and Mortar Divisions. The original bricks and mortar divisions have now been reduced from 9 to 2 divisions.

Those two divisions will join the five Cyberspace divisions under the - Stage I - Start-up Enterprises - heading, however for now, they will be listed in their original project classification stage.

The two old Stage II Bricks & Mortar Divisions are;

1. The Clean Economy Division - Projects in the Clean Economy.

At present, the Clean Economy Division consists of the following Department;

a) Clean Energy Department - The Battle against Climate Change

2. The Financial Divisions - Returning Trust to the Australian People.

The Financial Divisions are as follows;

a) A Peoples' Bank & Financial Services Division, and
b) Australian Workers Superannuation Fund Division

The Clean Economy Division - The investment and creation of projects in the Clean Economy.

a) The Clean Energy Department - The Battle against Climate Change

This Department is intended to be a major player in the battle against Climate Change. The design intent is for the department to play a leading role in the fight against human induced global warming of our planet, by the introduction of a 100% renewable energy target by 2050 or before (i.e. between 2030 and 2050) for Australia and aggressively supporting the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Yes! Not 2.0 degrees Celsius but 1.5 - Impossible?

It probably is if the world does not take seriously action to reduce carbon emissions now. No more delays. Apparently the Paris agreement is just not going to do it. Neither is a head in the dust approach by the big polluting nations of the world for alleged economic reasons going to do it either.

Why is the health and wellbeing of the citizens of the world and Planet Earth not the priority?

In Australia we have had more than a decade of continually changing climate change policy from both Labor and Coalition Federal Governments. The failure to meet consensus on climate change has become known locally as "The Climate Wars".

As a nation, we have to do better...

With regards to the clean energy department, my approach is to create a Working Group; bring in the experts; identify "whatever it takes"; and then, based on that expert advice, lay out the action plan required to meet the 2050 or before (i.e. between 2030 and 2050) target date.

As we all know - the Climate Wars have in part been about alleged exorbitant electricity charges. In the past our politicians have fought tooth and nail on the argument between Clean Renewable Energy V's Electricity Generation by Coal and to a lesser extent by Gas.

The design intent of the clean energy department is to bypass the climate wars by first: showing the Australian people and then the rest of the world, that not only have we run out of time to get the whole world behind serious climate change repair; but to convince the political class that this Climate War madness must stop.

If the political class and the sceptics don't understand why 84% of the adults think enough is enough, they should just ask their children and grandkids (if they have them) if/when they are old enough to understand the Climate Wars and its effects on their future.

For the Nation and the potential success of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project, I will be eternally grateful to each and everyone of the 84% of Australians surveyed by the Lowy Institute in 2018 - including those blessed to have grandkids - who together, are determined to protect the future of the planet, our kids and grandkids and force governments to ensure that, as the survey question asked - Quote: "the government should focus on renewables, even if this means we may need to invest more in infrastructure to make the system more reliable"

Although the Working Group's first priority is to investigate and report on whatever it takes to ensure a 100% clean renewable energy target for electricity generation in this country; that is not the end of the climate change action story. The working group should also take this opportunity to highlight, that although the clean energy question is resolvable, there are other major contributors to our warming planet which are not so easy to change or repair, especially in the critical time frame the world now faces before it is too late.

Those "other" energy challenges need to be investigated & specified in the working groups report, ensuring climate change repair is front and centre in the minds of us all.

Postscript 18th September 2018 - On reflection, I think the working group will have enough on its plate detailing - whatever it takes for the introduction of a clean renewable electricity generation future in Australia, let alone investigating all the other major contributors towards our warming planet.

In order to fix a problem you really need to fully understand the problem. And I'm one of the Billions seeking clarity on the dangers we are all about to face.

The climate is changing fast and the warnings from the world's climate expects are dire to say the least.

By now there must be thousands upon thousands of scientists papers produced on the - cause and effect - of climate change being circulated and read worldwide.

Climate change overload to say the least.

The KISS principle needs to be applied...

What is required for we the people of the world - from the richest to the poorest - is one single clear and precise document that we can all read and fully understand.

A document that clearly and simply explains the critical issues and problems the planet is already facing and what it will face in the near future; how to fix or reduce them; then the order of priority and the time frame in which to do so, before it becomes too late to save humanity or Planet Earth from catastrophic climate change in a now fast approaching future, if that is in fact the case - as I and the majority of Australians believe is true.

A warehouse of scientific documents may spell out the science but are meaningless to the average person in the street.

However a plain speaking document will do the job.

Creating such a document is beyond my ability and resources, however there does exist a select group of just 42 elite world citizens who can certainly make it happen.

As such, I have created a separate web page detailing a new proposal as well as naming the group of elite world individuals the proposal will be directed towards.

The outcome of this new proposal is part of the WM Project Strategic Plan to first start a home front battle for a 100% clean energy target in Australia and then, outsource not just our strategy towards a 100% clean renewable energy future worldwide, but to include a clear and precise plain speaking document for all to read, highlighting all of the other high priority climate change - cause and effect - problems facing the planet.

If my request for help is accepted, this new group of elite world individuals will play a critical role in creating the project methodology of "whatever it takes" to rectify or at least seriously reduce the effects of all those other major contributors to our warming planet, including distribution of documentation to willing World Governments and to we the people of the world.

World governments will never listen to me, but this group will be hard to ignore, as will we the people, inspired and deeply concerned on the contents of the proposed document I will be asking this unique and elite group of individuals to compile; morally on behalf of humanity but statically on behalf of at least 50% of the world population that the group have inevitably been linked to by others.

You will find a link titled "Open Letter to the Top Forty-Two richest people on Earth" on the home page of the www.waltzingmatilda.com website when you are ready to read the proposal. END Postscript.

The Financial Divisions - Returning Trust to the Australian People.

...this one also had its own set of deniers. In the end however, it was a battle they lost, in spite of a number of years behind the barricades.

This division will not cause the havoc that climate change will cause in Australia and on the rest of the world if we don't act now, but it is just as destructive to business, the economy and to all of the victims, now allegedly "counted in the tens of thousands". (Probably millions now that the Banking Royal Commission has started looking into superannuation and insurance.)

It is also the second reason why the WM project is going public at this point in time.

That is...

The Financial Division; the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project's response to the disturbing and unbelievable admissions coming out of the Banking Royal Commission.

The Financial Divisions

Please Note:The comments below on the Financial Divisions were written prior to the release of the Final Report of the Banking Royal Commission. All maters raised in the Banking Commission Final Report will be dealt with if and when the WM Project moves to the next stage, i.e. the Project Evaluation & Feasibility Working Group Review.

The Financial Divisions consist of the following;

1. A Peoples Bank and Financial Services, and

2. An Australian Superannuation Fund for all workers.

A Peoples' Bank & Financial Services - The creation of a Peoples' Bank and Financial Services.

[Start of extract of text from original project document - pre 2016]

The Big 4 Banks allegedly appear not to exist for the benefit of customer any longer, only massive profits for shareholders and the like, in spite of a number of marketing campaigns to deflect that criticism.

Waltzing Matilda is the Peoples' Song so let the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project be the first to re-create a Peoples' Bank.

I am not against the large profits achieved by our banks. In past years Australia has been well served by our banking sector and it is critical that they continue to be prosperous. But like everything in life, when you cross the line of trust and decency, someone always get hurt.

Thousands of Australians lost their life savings at the CBA alone. To quote the GFM Wealth Advisory site on the net; Greed and dishonesty, fraud, forgery, inappropriate advice and outrageous commissions, were at the heart of the CBA Financial Planning scandal.

Australians have lost confidence, but more importantly - Trust - in our banks' ability to care for their customers, resulting in calls for a Royal Commission across the sector. Australians deserve banks they can trust and do business with.

The system is broken and needs to be fixed.

This project will endeavour to return trust to the banking sector by offering customers a new option; the creation of a new peoples' bank. A bank dedicated in returning culture & character back into our banking sector.

It is not rocket science - you just have to have integrity and be up-front with your clients, whilst management and staff stride to build-up a trusting relationship between the bank and its customers. Ripping people off in the name of greed and self-interest will have seen its day if this division becomes a reality.

An Australian Superannuation Fund for all workers - Creation of an Australian Worker Superannuation Fund.

The purpose of creating a superannuation arm within the financial divisions, is to offer all eligible Australian workers a secure scheme, whereby the funds will be managed under our charter of a fair go in relation to the fund, include offering the lowest-priced fees & charges schedule rates in the Australian sector, along with the best possible returns on their superannuation investment.

I can't offer investment advice but I can google ASIC's Money Smart Site for advice on how to tell if a member is paying high super fees. The following lists the type of fees to look out for when considering which super fund to choose;

The above list of fees has to be a starting point when looking for savings towards a fair go for Australian workers super funds. I can't believe savings cannot be found amongst that list.

Hopefully we can make significant savings across the board within this industry - another win win success for our charter of a fairer Australia.

Conclusion - The Revised Bricks & Mortar Operations

I think I have said enough about climate change and Super for now so let's just finish up with the banks.

In the case of the creation of - A Peoples' Bank & Financial Services - my inspiration, brought on by all the reported acts of misconduct in the sector at the time, was taken from the then governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia - Mr Glenn Stevens - when he said;

"Finance depends on trust. In fact, in the end, it can depend on little else".

He then went on to say; "Where trust has been damaged, repair has to be made."

Banking Royal Commission - Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry

On the 14 December 2017, another Australian signed up to investigate accusations within our banking sector. His job was also to identify problems "where trust has been damaged and where repair has to be made". "Problems" that all Australians were aware of to some extent, but our leaders were allegedly "unwilling to fix on our behalf for whatever reason".

That is; the appointment of the Hon. Kenneth Madison Hayne AC QC, as the Commissioner for the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.

As far as this project goes, the Hon. Kenneth Madison Hayne AC QC is not just heading a Royal Commission into Banking, but will become known for the key role that he and his team played in the return of the ethos of the Fair Go to the Australian people in the world of alleged financial greed and dishonesty.

In our case, that will be achieved by using the recommendations from the Royal Commissioners Final Report, as the keystone of the building blocks towards the creation of a Peoples' Bank and Financial Services Division as part of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

Let's just see what comes out of the final report and its recommendations. Once fully understood, we can workshop the recommendations into the Aims and Objectives of the Financial Division of the project.

In the case of the Financial Divisions, our objective is to return TRUST in banking to all our customers and for the security of superannuation funds of Australian workers who join our super plans.

As the painstaking and revealing work of the commissioner and his hard working team continues, we could never do a better job of building a Peoples' Bank and Financial Services Division, than to start the process with no preconceptions - but just a symbolic single sheet of blank paper.

The opportunity to create a new bank in Australia immediately after a Banking Royal Commission, provides Australians and by default, the WM Project with a unique opportunity. Starting with a blank sheet is a huge advantage in rebuilding the trust lost by those banks subject to the commissioner's final report and recommendations. Those recommendations will be our guiding light in returning the ethos of the Fair Go to the financial sector.

A brand new banking division is at a great advantage of not being subject to decades of alleged mistrust in the sector and although it is correct that you cannot "legislate for culture or character", we can build in protections to ensure a belief in our cultural heritage and to act accordingly as we go about regaining trust - now it tatters from the misdeeds of the past now so plainly obvious for all to see.

Do you know what I think tops the lists of our cultural heritage beliefs in Australia? It is the belief in the Australian ethos of the fair go.

Given the opportunity, it is possible to create the building blocks of a new people's bank. Starting off with a clean slate, trust can be restored in the Australian Banking sector, simply by sitting down and ticking off all of the recommendations from the commissioner's final report. The end result; the outline of a Requirement Definition (RD) document, created from the hard fought findings & recommendations of a Royal Commission and a blueprint for the return of TRUST, and the creation of a unique new Australian Bank.

Now obviously we won't need the Commissioner and his Band of Merry Men & Maid Marian's to put together all the other bits & pieces of your run of the mill Aussie bank - but we certainly need them to show us all how we can build an honest one.

Media Diversity and Investigative Journalism

Sale of Fairfax to Nine Entertainment

Postscript 1st August 2018: Just when I thought I was finished outlining this revised version of the WM project, another issue, allegedly 'based on media reports' raised its head. That is the sale of Fairfax to Nine Entertainment.

First off, there is no way I'm going to make public comments on any sale that involves $4B dollars. No need to anyway; from ex PM Paul Keating on the negative case; to Prime Minister Turnbull on the plus, with everybody else in between on both sides of the debate; there is more than enough diversity on the Internet for you to make up your own mind on the sale of Fairfax.

My concerns are more national on the potential loss of diversity and independent journalism in Australia (and the world) as a result of the severe loss of advertising dollars (the rivers of gold) to Facebook and Google. Investigative journalism is the mortar of our democracy and it does not come cheap. The loss of revenue to the print media is now a worldwide problem and someone or something, needs to be done to help that business model.

As long as journalistic independence is maintained right across the board into the future (Waltzing Matilda Dot Com will still be around) then all is well. For example; Domain, the property website will probably feed the dollars for Fairfax to continue, but as Facebook has found out recently when they lost $161 Billion in just one day's trading, no matter how big your presence on the Net - you will always be vulnerable to we the people.

For probably the first time in history, ordinary people, thru New Power, now control the destiny of any web site that relies on the people accessing a business website. Advertising dollars only flow when you have a willing audience. This is a powerful tool but must be used responsibly.

The Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project will also be exposed to that same volatility. It is no accident that high profile philanthropy and the ethos of the Fair Go are the pillar stones of this project, a project that will, and must, be built on TRUST and on TRUST alone - the building blocks for our customer base.

However, if media diversity and investigative journalism fails - for example the collaboration between Fairfax and the ABC, (or any collaboration of good and honest investigative journalism for that matter) - and journalism right across the print media, cannot, or will not, fulfil the needs of the people in a western democracy like Australia; then all is not lost - at least not for investigative journalism in this country.

Which brings me to the point of this postscript. The original version of the WM project, now mothballed, has a small Media Division still on the books.

Also mothballed in the original Stage I cyberspace divisions, is a number of proposed high profile websites. These sites, based on a fair go for business pricing structure, were expected to be successful in their own right. Amongst other things, the market they would enter is centred on the traditional advertising revenue streams of the commercial media.

Note: I know what you are thinking. I am no better friend to the print media, than all the other websites that have all but destroyed the rivers of gold the print media relied so heavily on. To some extent that is right, however that horse had already bolted and it is what it is. All I can do now, is to use my proposed web sites for the good of the nation in general, not the few...

For example; one site in particular, has been fully documented on an Excel spreadsheet consisting of approximately 3800 lines. Its contents details all the database tables/descriptive fields etcetera required to build the database.

I see no reason why the WM project could not create the software; then once implemented, use a healthy percentage of the revenue stream to fund a dedicated team of investigative journalists at some point in the future, should our democracy be in danger due to lack of diversity - at least in investigative journalism stories or the lack thereof.

I have another website concept when designed and coded, will in part, be dedicated to helping Australians suffering as a result of domestic violence events. Based on highly profitable websites, but supercharged with extraordinary financial commitments to specific domestic violence victims. The ethos of the Fair Go in action.

Financial outcomes that would be hard to copy by any rival enterprise. This is a proposed site that all Australians would be proud and most likely to support wholeheartedly.

Obviously both proposed sites are not part of this revised Stage I Start-up, but mentioned nevertheless to big business philanthropists, as there is so much more to the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project than what is contained in this document. END Postscript

Project Conclusion

...And with that thought, I hereby present Stage I of the revised version of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

This project is now in the hands of Australian Big Business Philanthropists and the big end of town who call Australia home and believe in the Australian ethos of the Fair Go.

If that is you and you are a philanthropist, or you now have philanthropy intentions as a result of what is being revealed in the banking royal commission or the world's appalling lack of serious climate change repair action, then this project is for you.

Or maybe you are horrified to know that 72,000 women, 34,000 children and 9,000 men sought homelessness services due to family/domestic violence in 2016-17? If so, then this project is for you. Supported by an undisclosed division from the original project, now on hold as commercial-in-confidence.

Then there are the 14 divisions mothballed from my original version of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project that in part supports all Australians from the cradle to the grave. Lots of a fair go and social responsibility to invest in there, so once again - this project is for you.

But remember, be aware - as I am sure you are by now; that the WM project is a project for those with philanthropic intentions, as well as the call for all Australians and Australian Business to get together for the return of a Fair Go in so many aspects of our everyday lives.

For this project to become a reality, it will require the funding and support of Big Business, however once implemented, its success will be in the capable hands of the Australian People - the projects customer base.

As such, I respectfully ask we the people to help promote the WM project thru awareness, by telling all your friends and others, both in Australia and around the world via a; post, link, email or text of the web address www.waltzingmatilda.com

In particular, highlighting the Climate Change repair division of the document. That is; The Clean Energy Department - The Battle against Climate Change.

This document marks the official public start the WM project, however without public awareness of it presence on the Web, it risks lacking the high profile distribution of the projects Aims and Objectives required for the success of the project and the support of the Australian people.

This is a project for all Australians. It was created due to the failure of the Fair Go in many aspects of our daily lives and all Divisions and Departments were conceived with the wellbeing of Australian families as our priority.

A unique Australian Project under the banner of our most famous song.

Waltzing Matilda belongs to us all as will the Aims and Objectives of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

We may not, and that includes myself, own the tangible assets of the Bricks and Mortar Divisions of the new Corporation behind the project, but if the philanthropists come on board, Matilda will be in safe hands and I am confident Australians will get a Fair Go as divisions and departments come on-line under the WM Project banner.

The critical question now is; do you meet the project ownership criteria and willing to fund and implement the first stage of the project methodology - a Project Evaluation & Feasibility Working Group Review for this revised version and possibly the original version of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project?

A low cost option and a financial and social capital reward for the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project and the Nation; just may be the verdict of the review.

Expressions of Interest

If you are one of the Symbolic Forty-Two and you have arrived at this page - please click here: Open Letter - The symbolic 42

If you are a Philanthropist from Big Business and/or fit the criteria to fill one of the Corporation's 10 seats in the Board Room as discussed in the "Introduction" chapter of the document and wish to make contact with its author, or have a compelling reason to contact the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project towards other help with the project, please click on the link displayed below.

With regards to all respondents who reply to this call for help. Due to my very limited resources, my first priority will be addressed to the Philanthropist from Big Business.

More specifically, for all those from Big Business in general who are deeply concerned about the state of Climate Change action, both in Australia and around the World, please keep your powder dry for now until we see what response I get back from the Australian Philanthropists who will be required to build the project from the ground up, as without them, there is no Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project, or at least, not in its current form.

My Postal Address is provided on the Expressions of Interest - Overall Project Page Link immediately below, so load that one on your contacts for the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project and watch this space...

This is just the start of the journey...

Once again, thank you all for your interest and taking the time to read this document.

I'll let A. B. Banjo Paterson have the final say...


Who'll come a-waltzing matilda with me?

Much appreciated.

Kind Regards
Pa (For the moment)

Please Click - Expressions of Interest - Overall Project - for details on how to contact the Author of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

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