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Business and Social Service Project Proposal

A Revised Version

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This is an Australian Story

And so he wrote...

Up came the Squatter a-riding his thoroughbred
Up came Policemen - one two and three!


Note the Three Policemen and the Squatter Bob Macpherson, 4th from the right, and the timber stockade manned by armed police. The unions & the squatters were at war with each other in the year of 1894. Waltzing Matilda is certainly not some simple little ditty about a sheep stealing swagman.

Creating a fairer society is something that happens on a very human scale

- The ethos of a Fair Go -

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Open Letter to the Symbolic 42 page or click to view the Expression of Interest - The Symbolic 42 page.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for taking the time to read the revised Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project document. In 2015, I sought help by forwarding the original project proposal to a billionaire and another multi-millionaire from the Australian big end of town.

That process took best part of a year and unfortunately, both requests were rejected. In their and my defence, I did send them the original project proposal that required the creation of a new corporation with up to 23 divisions. That would frighten anyone off. What was I thinking!

This revised version of only 7 divisions is scary enough however considering the projects proposed ownership/management structure, not only will it be achievable, but the projects Bricks and Mortar enterprises are both high profile entities and both critical for the wellbeing of the Nation and for returning TRUST back to her people.

In spite of now going public with the project, my public persona will, in the first instance, be restricted to Expression of Interest submissions from Australian Big Business Philanthropists. As previously stated, this project must not be all about me. That is not the intent of the WM Project.

The reality is; it could never be owned or implemented by me alone. The admittance price is way out of my league. It is only fitting that the respondents that put their hands up and take the project to first base, should become not just the voice, but the public face of this unique Australian project.

The WM Project is, and must be, about Australia and her people and the dedication of a number of elite Big Business Philanthropists, not about any one individual.

If and/or when big business front-up, I will rejoice and proudly stand alongside some incredible Australians from the big end of town with the symbolic support of we the people beside me. It wont be my victory as the Kids, Grandkids and Grandkids Kids of Australia and the World are the winners - that's the end game...

In addition, in view of the commercial-in-confidence nature of the project, I will only respond to Expression of Interest requests from genuine and identify confirmed Australians from Big Business, as per the criteria detailed in the WM Project document, remembering of course that this is a philanthropy based project in its very early stages. As such, restricted contact will apply.

Hoping to hear from you soon...

Much appreciated

Kind Regards
Pa (for the moment)

The Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project ©

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In addition, in view of the cyberspace world we now live in - where possible, please provide additional details (e.g. website address) or comments that will enable me to fact check the authenticity of your identity to ensure false Expressions of Interest can be quickly rejected.

On completion, it's back to snail mail in this first instance. As such, please post your response to the following address;

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