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Overview - Revised Cyberspace Divisions

Stage I of the original Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project (WM Project) was reserved for all of the Corporations Cyberspace Divisions. The original cyberspace divisions have now been reduced from 14 to 5 divisions.

In view of the projects decision to take a Climate Emergency stance, those divisions have been reduced again from 5 to 2 divisions.

Both of these Cyberspace sites are critical in the Battle against serious Global Warming.

They are;

The targeted aim of the overall WM project is to become a world renowned corporation, dedicated in promoting the nation, her enterprises and her people. A corporation based on philanthropy not greed. However, that has to be put on hold until the Nations Climate Emergency Action Plan/s are up and running.

Our Philanthropy Foundation

The following best describes the Philanthropy Foundation in this now Stage II Mothballed Division;

The foundation will play a critical role in promoting the Australian ethos of the Fair Go by carrying out all of philanthropic pursuits and projects towards a compassionate and fairer Australia.

Public and corporate donations will be welcome, however agreements on funding the Foundation from the Commercial Divisions of the WM Project are commercial-in-confidence, and will be a discussion to be had at another time.

What I can say, is that the public acceptance of the project, will in no small part, due to the generosity of the funding agreement between the foundation and the projects new Corporation. In particular;

Giving Back To Society - A New Direction ©

However that is also now on hold.

The Climate Emergency requires another new direction. That is;

Saving the Kids & Grandkids - A Battle to Help Save the Planet ©

And that wont come cheap. But what price can you put on the safety and future of your Kids and Grandkids?

To set-up any sort of a foundation is beyond my resources. As such I need help from Australian Philanthropist/s with the expertise to get this started.

The remaining cyberspace division was intended to answer that inspiring call of JFK; "...ask what you can do for your Country".

I will also be a case of "If you build it, they will come"...

This site will provide a unique social service platform accessible to all Australians and will build an extraordinary Social Capital databases for the nation. Social Capital that will play a key role in cleaning up the damage caused by severe Climate Change weather events as its priority.

...And they will come in millions to help save the Kids & Grandkids...

Australian Natural Disasters - Reserve Human Resource Pool Database

The Reserve Human Resource Pool database will be one of our commitments to the dire warnings of the world's Climate Scientists.

The climate is changing and changing fast. Australia is the land of Droughts, Fire, Floods, and ever increasing Category 4 & 5 Cyclones. This site will put boots on the ground in the case of serve national disasters, e.g. the 2010 -2011 Brisbane Floods, as and when required by Australia's official emergency services organisations.

The proposed site will be subject to talks between the WM Project and relevant emergency service organisations. This is not any sort of a takeover bid. It will become an important social service site for the Nation.

Once operational, this site will become a high profile public service enterprise, by centralising national calls for boots on the ground from Australia's official Emergency Services organisations, at times of very public local and national emergencies. Over recent years, a number of web sites created by private individuals have appeared at times of significant natural disasters, including many occurrences of individuals using the power of Facebook.

Although past efforts of our fellow citizens is much appreciated; our climate is changing and we are already experiencing an increase of severe weather patterns. We can and must do better than relying on ad-hoc calls for help from dedicated individuals, when quick response time is essential.

The Reserve Human Resource Pool database will provide all Australians with an opportunity to join this reserve resource pool register of volunteers. They will be able to securely record their general location, skill sets/expertise, along with past experiences and contact details.

If and when required, a simple TXT and/or email via an App, will advise the relevant emergency services, the resources available to put boot on the ground for deployment and/or planning purposes before, or at the start of an impending disaster event - not having to scramble for help and long registration queues after the event.

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