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The Clean Economy Division - The investment and creation of projects in the Clean Economy

At present, the Clean Economy Division only consists of the projects critical department for the potential success of the overall Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

That is;

The Clean Energy Department - The Battle against Climate Change

This Department is intended to be a major player in the battle against Climate Change. The design intent for the department is to play a leading role in the fight against human induced global warming of our planet, by the introduction of a 100% renewable energy target by 2050 or before (i.e. between 2030 and 2050) for Australia and aggressively supporting the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Yes! Not 2.0 degrees Celsius but 1.5 - Impossible?

It probably is if the world does not take serious action to reduce carbon emissions now. No more delays. Apparently the Paris agreement is just not going to do it. Neither is a head in the dust approach by the big polluting nations of the world for alleged economic reasons going to do it either.

Why is the health and wellbeing of the citizens of the world and Planet Earth not the priority?   Critical in fact! More on the 100% target and how yourself and others can help shortly...

However, before I describe the project Aims and Objectives of this department, I would like to explain the difficulties I have in expressing my thoughts about the alleged inability of the current and past federal governments, to take the necessary and urgent action required to fight global climate change.

In Australia we have had more than a decade of continually changing climate change policy from both Labor and Coalition Federal Governments. A timeline of the dates and alleged factual events that I found on the Web in support of that statement will follow shortly.

The failure to meet consensus on climate change has become known locally as "The Climate Wars". An ongoing fight, so destructive, a number of books have been penned and an endless flow of comment pieces on the war have been doing the rounds and arguing the toss ever since.

The so called Climate Wars takes no prisoners. It has now cost six sitting Prime Ministers their jobs (one of them twice) and still no light at the end of the tunnel for a unity ticket on climate change repair from the major parties. Not a proud record in the supposed Land of the Fair Go is it?

I would love to discuss my own personal view on the failure of the major parties to agree on a unity ticket, however the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project is, and has to remain, A Political in such matters wherever possible. But there is a limit to my patience on this subject. I can suggest what I consider to be the only way forward, as I have in this document, but I should not publicly support one Political Party over another.

That is a task for the Australian people, as it is for all democracies and their citizens the world over with regards to climate change repair.

With a Federal Election due in 2019, the people will have their say, as I will, on the strength of the Climate Change Repair Policies of all Political Parties seeking the support of we the people. Now let's see what this department is all about.

The Battle Begins

There are many reasons why Clean Economy is a division of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project. The stark reality however, is that none of them really matter - not one iota - if we cannot even protect our planet from a warming climate as a result of whatever alleged electricity generation reasons. That will be our first big step and probably the easiest to fix. It gets much harder and very expensive after that. But hey!!!   No Planet B remember.

Our ice caps in the north and south have been melting at alarming rates, our seas are rising and our plains & mountains burning.

The climate experts warn, in utter frustration that time is fast running out. We are getting hit from all direction as one climate record after another fall here in Australia and all around the world.

Extreme! Floods - Droughts - Famine - Bushfires. Desperate whole population migration from low lying countries to our north/north-west and the Pacific soon becoming a reality if temperatures and our Oceans keep rising.

There will be no stopping the boats if all those lowlands go underwater. And who wants to have "Stop the Boats" elections for the rest of their lives anyway - the past 18 years is more than enough for me. Fear Climate Change before you worry about Boats again.

Now I'm no expert, far from it, but the Climate Scientists of the world certainly are. The majority of them tell us that all of the above is true, whilst some of the dangers we will all face in the not too distant future are accelerating at alarming rates. But a number of governments all around the world have been dragging the chain and arguing the toss for decades. To our shame, we have let them get away with it. That must end and it must end now.

Regardless of the arguments for or against a warming climate amongst the climate experts; are we willing to put our heads in the dust and risk the lives of the people who live in those vulnerable low lying countries and islands; or risk our own vulnerable future generations on the outcome of not making climate change humanity greatest threat.

Remember those famous words of our ex PM Kevin Rudd, when he declared that Climate Change is; "The greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time". Unfortunately for Australia and the world at the time, he was probably right, but instead of inspiring the nation to take up the challenge to do whatever it takes to fix the climate; politics in Australia imploded and the Climate Wars begun. The truth behind a now alleged warming planet by some, now needs to be defined once and for all and the record put straight.

The following is a brief timeline of relevant climate change events that played out in our federal parliament since 1997;

1.) 1997 - Australia does not ratify the Kyoto Protocol; 2.) July 2007 - Emission Trading Scheme [ETS] proposed by Howard; 3.) December 2007 - Rudd ratifies Kyoto Protocol; 4.) Late 2008 - Rudd announces Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme [CPRS]; 5.) August 2009 - CPRS Legislation voted down; 6.) November 2009 - Rudd revises CPRS; 7.) November 2009 - Rudd reaches deal with Turnbull; 8.) December 2009 - Abbott Replaces Turnbull as leader; 9.) December 2009 - Copenhagen talks fail on a binding commitment to limit global warming; 10.) February 2010 - Abbott announces policy on emissions reduction; 11.) April 2010 - Labor shelves ETS; 12.) June 2010 - Labor dumps Rudd; 13.) July 2010 - Carbon Tax ruled out by Gillard; 14.) July 2010 - Abbott opposes Carbon Tax and ETS; 15.) February 2011 - Gillard unveils Carbon Tax plan; 16.) November 2011 - Carbon Tax legislation passes Senate; 17.) July 1 2012 - Carbon Tax begins; 18.) April 2013 - Carbon Tax collapses in Europe; 19.) July 2013 - Rudd terminates Carbon Tax; 20.) September 2013 - Coalition wins federal election; 21.) September 2013 - Abbott starts process to repeal Carbon Tax; 22.) November 2013 - Labor wants Carbon Tax replaced by ETS; 23.) Abbott introduces legislation to repeal Carbon Tax;

24.) March 2014 - Carbon Tax repeal blocked in Senate; 25.) July 2014 - New Senate begins; 26.) July 10 2014 - Carbon Tax repeal bills rejected; 27.) July 17 2014 - Senate passes Carbon Tax repeal; ENOUGH!!!

You know the rest... an aspirational 26-28% emissions reduction by 2030.

Today; the war continue and still no unity ticket.

When I was rewriting parts of this document, the date was 11th July 2018. School Holidays were on and we were at our daughter's house minding four of our grandkids.

The TV was on and I was struggling to come up with the right words to get my point across, on how important it was for us as a nation to take global warming seriously - with time fast running out according to the world's climate experts.

If the majority of Climate experts are right, the world had to act and it had to act now.

In anticipation of that fact, the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project had set itself the ultimate clean energy target, now Waltzing Matilda, the nation's rallying song, was required to do its bit and provide a reason for the inspiration required to support the proposed target.

As a reminder, let me repeat the Aims and Objectives for the Clean Energy Department of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project;

  • To play a leading role in the fight against human induced global warming of our planet, by the introduction of a 100% renewable energy target by 2050 or before (i.e. between 2030 and 2050) for Australia and aggressively supporting the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.
If the world continue to go down the clean energy track, as advised by the climate experts, then Australia is a great position and location to do just that. In addition, at the start of 2017, the CSIRO reported that 100% renewable energy is achievable in Australia, as apparently there are no technical impediments to the national grid.

They also went on to say that a 30% renewable target is considered trivial in current energy systems. Note that CSIRO assessment everybody - 30% is trivial.

See: 100% renewable energy is achievable in Australia

The CSIRO tell us the target is achievable, now what about the inspiration? The answer came straight from the TV Set. It was the day after the twelve boys of the Thai Wild Boars Soccer Team and their young coach, had been rescued from the Tham Luang Nang Non Cave in Northern Thailand. Remarkably, they were all safe and recovering in hospital.

An ABC reporter was talking about the rescue and then he said the following, or words to that effect (critical words for the WM Project - I thank-you.);

It just goes to show you what can be achieved when the whole world works together to solve a very human problem.

In that instance - I knew what had to be attempted. Not just towards the success of the Clean Energy Department, but how I could challenge Australians and the rest of the world by an extraordinary act of the human spirit.

The people of Thailand and the volunteers, both local and from all around the world, were exceptional. Inspirational in fact. A true reflection of the Human Spirit and a story that inspired the world...

Could the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project (WM Project) invoke the same Human Spirit required to face an even greater challenge?

Not that of saving twelve kids and one young adult from a cave, but to cite the extraordinary story of their rescue as the inspiration for an even greater challenge, that of a changing climate. Changes that the whole world will face if we all don't get serious on the dangers we will soon have to face. As climate records continue to fall by the wayside, we have already had a frighting taste of just what lies ahead for humanity.

The story of the cave rescue spread all around the world. As days turned into weeks, it was the rescue team's dedication that impressed me most, whilst over that same period, I had been working on and off on the methodology required for the Clean Energy Department to succeed.

It soon became blatantly obvious that the Cave Rescue methodology was;

Very appropriate I thought; seeing humanity come to the fore at any cost to save the Thai Wild Boars Soccer Team. The challenge now was; would humanity now save planet Earth at any cost?

With economics the least of the worries for the Cave Rescue Team, it certainly highlighted the opposite approach taken in the battle to save the Planet by some countries around the world, where one's Electricity Bill was allegedly being put forward as a compelling reason not to accelerate the apparent inevitable rise of a new Clean Energy future.

This is a dangerous argument. Surely Australians and the people of the world must realise, that the economics of one's Electricity Bill, as important as it is to business and households alike, is not a justifiable priority for allegedly destroying the lives of future generations if alleged severe and dangerous climate change becomes a reality in the not too distance future. (It's a bit like cutting your nose off to spite your face) If it is, then I'm a mug for wasting all these years developing the WM Project - A project committed to a fairer Australia and the return of the ethos of the Fair Go to millions of Australians.

Clean energy production is not the problem in the case of future electricity bills - it is the solution. Australia allegedly has some of the highest electricity prices in the world, whilst our elderly shiver under a blanket watching TV with the heater and the lights off. We can and must address this problem and do whatever it takes to reduce electricity prices in Australia.

But I have faith in the Australian people. I know that many, including myself, are hurting over energy prices - financial hurt being a major factor behind the existence of the WM project - however ignoring the alleged dire warnings of our climate scientists just to lower ones electricity bill is just plain short-term madness.

Australians always support a good cause in their millions and I am confident that they will recognise the power of if used for a just and noble cause. For myself, this department of the project - is not just about the electricity bills of the Nation - It is about the grandkids.

I am confident Australians will agree that saving ones grandkids and their future families from an apparent severe climate future, is more important than the short term pain of alleged overpriced electricity bills, as important as that is for all the have-nots, specially when experts tell us that clean energy and genuine competition is our cheapest option.

This project can fix that.

The aim of the Clean Energy Department is not just to bring on board the big investors, but focus on bringing on board a massive customer base of the majority of we the people for the investors. A strategy that will, in both the wholesale and retail space, bring down electricity prices. Fair dividends will be returned to potential investors but we will not be a cash cow for any investor expecting excessive pricing & unfair conditions of service settings.

This department is the spearhead of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project Aims and Objectives of returning the ethos of the Fair Go to the Australian People.

The reward? Keeping the prices down via a fair go pricing structure for Australian businesses & households, whilst like I said, the WM project will encourage, thru competition, all Australian's to join its retail consumer base once established.

I like the idea of coupling the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project with honouring the boys & coach of the Wild Boars soccer team and the rescue team; in particular, Saman Kunan who sadly lost his life; as the inspiration for Australia and the world in keeping the temperate rise under 1.5 degrees Celsius - hopefully in the same spirit that Saman Kunan took his final dive.

But is it appropriate?

Already Hollywood is knocking on the door and that is probably just the start of the pressure about to be put on the kids. Do I really want to join that queue? Well no I don't, but I do want to honour the Cave Rescue and the Human Spirit in which the rescue was undertaken.

However that will have to be a decision for the new Corporation that will run (and in part own) the WM Project, not myself.

If the World can approach the battle against Climate Change in the same spirit and dedication as shown by all involved in the Cave Rescue, why can't climate change be stopped it its tracks with that same commitment? So what is stopping us?

It makes no sense that if clean energy, a battle strategy already on the war room table, can be implemented with no technical/engineering reasons preventing it, why all the delays?

Engineering trumps Excuses as well as all the other alleged delaying tactics being deployed.

To their credit, Big Business in Australia has already enlisted, with others all around the world, having recognised that a Clean Energy future will not only help save the planet from dangerous climate warming, but it is also good for business and good for consumers due to cheaper electricity charges. By their action they have started the process of bi-passing the Climate Wars and the pollies and are moving to the front...

As the polls reveal, the majority of Australians agree that climate change is real. I am confident that most will support the WM projects 100% clean energy target by 2050 or before (i.e. between 2030 and 2050).

I am also confident that as Big Business kicks into gear, they will aggressively support the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. At present that target is looking doubtful but let's give it a crack anyway as the world will be watching us via this project if big business comes on board.

Unfortunately, big business also need investment certainty towards a clean energy future to go the whole nine yards. They will continue to ramp up the battle on their own for the next few years, but the reality is that Federal and State Governments will all have to unite to become part of the repair process. Allegedly, not a big part of the problem.

No more excuses.

The whole world just witnessed the power of the human spirit in a cave in northern Thailand. Evidence that anything is possible when kids are our first and only priority. A lesson lost on many who should know better than to get in-between a child/grandchild and their Mother/Father/extended family.

A Unity Ticket worked for the people of Thailand, so what is stopping the human spirit in Australia, the Land of the Fair Go, from fighting Global Warming?

We are all better than that...

Postscript 11th - 15th August 2018: Until now, I have not mentioned the Federal Government's NEG (National Energy Guarantee) policy, as the final details of the terms and conditions of the NEG were still somewhat vague and uncertain. I needed to wait until the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) energy meeting, held in Sydney on Friday 10th August 2018.

Now that the meeting has concluded, the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project has the right to express its concerns, in view of our proposed 100% renewable energy target by 2050 or before (i.e. between 2030 and 2050) for Australia and aggressively supporting the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Keeping in mind our A Political status, I will endeavour to restrict my comments to policy positions that under no circumstances are to be included in the NEG, thus preventing this project from achieving its proposed clean energy targets.

Australia (and the world) is now at the crossroads of more than a decade of Climate Wars to allegedly the dismay of the nation. Elite Australian big business philanthropist and others who will not be put off in joining the battle to save the planet before it is too late - now need to stand up and help to end this war and stop this alleged madness. We're out of Time...

The political parties have to come to terms that 84% of Australians agree with renewable energy take-up and want strong action on that front.

Strong targets and urgent repair action is now essential...

WHAT!!! ...Apparently not... STOP PRESS!!! THE NEG IS DEAD

Postscript 8th - 10th September 2018: Just heard a breaking story on ABC News 24 that our new Prime Minister, who recently declared; - "we're on your side" - has now advised the Nation that the NEG (National Energy Guarantee) is dead.

Is this now a disaster for renewables in this country?

I was one of those watching the TV when Prime Minister Morrison declared that he was on our side.

Fantastic I thought! Why? Because like most, I believed that the announcement was a win for renewables and the Climate Wars were over. At long last I thought, we have a PM who will stand up for the 84% of Australians who want the government to focus on renewables.

For example;

Take the 2018, Lowy Institute poll on Climate change and renewables.

Quote: In 2018, 59% of Australians (up five points) say 'global warming is a serious and pressing problem' about which 'we should begin taking steps now even if this involves significant costs'. Almost all Australians (84%, up three points) say 'the government should focus on renewables, even if this means we may need to invest more in infrastructure to make the system more reliable'. Only 14% say 'the government should focus on traditional energy sources such as coal and gas, even if this means the environment may suffer to some extent'. Unquote.

If the PM is on the side of the majority and to be fair, that is probably how the statement was meant to be interpreted, why kill the NEG?

If 84% of Australians say 'the government should focus on renewables', why kill the NEG?

Based on the decision to kill the NEG; would it not be fair to say that 84% of Australians are allegedly disillusioned with that decision?

I can't explain the PM's "we're on your side" statement when applied to climate change any other way.

To be fair, I guess he meant his government was "on our side" in general?

But what about the 84% of Australians who want the Federal Government, whichever party is in power, to focus on renewable clean energy projects? I wonder what they must they be thinking now?

Well I can't answer for the government or the 84% of the population who support renewables, but I can answer for myself when I say; I am listening - as is the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

I can picture all the climate sceptics now looking at their device screens shouting; "Who cares! Nobody is going to listen to a 70 plus year old nobody. And there is only one of you anyway".

Yep! Spot on - there is only one of me. But lookout... as help is on the way.

With the WM Project document now publicly on-line; all Australians (and the world) have the opportunity to assess this unique project. A project conceived and developed with the sole purpose of returning the ethos of the Fair Go to the Australian people and confronting head-on; a number of serious problems now facing the nation and her people.

I am more than happy for all Australians to judge what I have written and the outcomes I propose throughout the document. As raw as it is and as naive as I may be in the world of big business. I've been around for over 70 years and I know when the Nation and far too may of us are hurting.

For example, who has the better plan of action to tackle serious and critical climate change repair action head-on;

You be the judge...

Now where was I? - I was discussing "But help is on the way."

Australians are top shelf for helping a good cause as that is something built into the Australians psychic.

For the success of this initiative, the Australian people are my - Power of One - but in reality, the symbolic Power of Millions. The millions of Australians who, with their help and support, just may make the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project a resounding success in their favour.

In the case of the Clean Energy Department; if the Billionaires hop on board, they will be able to create the retail space along with a fair go pricing structure of Electricity Charges for Business and Household alike.

In support of the Billionaires Fair Go initiative if and when it comes to fruition, millions of Australians will be encouraged thru our competition in the market place, to make up the clean energy customer base of this new clean renewable energy enterprise.

That's real People Power - the Power of Millions supporting cheaper clean renewable energy electricity bills.

However, essential as it is for success; the Clean Energy Department is not about cheaper Electricity Bills.

Although a welcome side-effect, the real purpose of the WM Projects Clean Energy Department is to meet the 100% clean renewable energy target date of 2050 or sooner (i.e. between 2030 and 2050) and helping the world keep global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius. Then and only then, the real winners will be your kids, grandkids and their kids well into the future.

To start that movement, my first task is to seek the attention of millions of Australians and for them to voice their approval of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project and become the start the projects supporters' base...

As I write this postscript update between the 8th to the 10th September 2018, only a handful of Australians were aware of the existence of the proposed Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project or its Clean Energy Department.

However, as everyone is now able to read this document on the projects website: - Australians (and others around the world) are now becoming aware of this unique Australian project.

Some may have heard about the WM Project via traditional media reports, however the vast majority will have learnt of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project via social media's New Power platforms.

For that to continue to happen - I NEED YOUR HELP...

Prior to this project going live on the Internet in early 2019, I have had no support and very little of anything else but if you want to help; then that help is something that money can neither buy nor stop.

I apologise for not providing a Visitors Page or Email Address for you to voice your support for the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project on my site, however at present, this project is a team of one, with no help and no resources. If and when the Billionaires come on board and the WM Project becomes a reality, the new corporation web site and all of its business activities will obviously be protected by Defence/Bank type Cyberspace security. Until then - Snail Mail contact is my safest bet. I'm not looking for likes 👍 count on Facebook, as the most important task for this document for now is Australian and worldwide distribution, and that where you come in...


The best thing for the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project RIGHT NOW; is for you to SPREAD THE WORD by forwarding the Waltzing Matilda web address details via; posts, links, email or text to all your friends, asking them to do the same to all their friends, in particular; highlighting the Climate Change section of the document and others.

As such, I have created a Lets Go VIRAL Page that allows you to Cut and Paste all the information required to pass onto you friends via your chosen delivery method.

So! If your ready to do your bit for the Kids, Grandkids and their kids of the future, Click the Lets Go VIRAL link page below. When you have done that, there is a "Return to where you left off" link at the bottom of the "Lets Go VIRAL" Page. If you decide to read on, the "Lets Go VIRAL" page link is also on the Table of Contents Page.


We need to go viral the world over...

You have that power...

Climate Change is real as are the dangers that the world now faces. More critical and to the point, the world has wasted the past 30 years and look what the climate has been telling us in say just the last 5 years already. The first two months of 2019 for example! - We're out of Time... It's Time to ACT...

The more voices in support of this project the better... It will send a message to all Australian governments that Australians allegedly require the creation and passage of the appropriate legislation for a clean renewable energy future in support of Big Business in the fightback against serious global warming of our planet.

Climate change is real... Future generation, as well as ourselves in our own lifetime, are now in real danger of having to deal with severe climate events in Australia, along with millions all around the world if we do not start the battle to win back the planet immediately.

So! Once again - please, don't forget to forward the overall WM Project web address details to all your friends, asking them to on-forward the links to their friends as well.

Your kids and grandkids will thank you for it one day. Unfortunately, probably in the not to distance future.

The day we go viral, governments the world over will be aware that you cannot treat the voters with indifference, especially when the safety of their kids, both now and into a predicted bleak and dangerous climate future is concerned.

To be fair, during Australia's Climate War years, a number of climate policy positions were formulated and attempted to be sold to the voters, but each policy initiative only lasted until the then sitting PM or Leader of the Opposition was shown the door - and not by the voters either...

And who in Australia is listening to the now 84% of Australians who when polled in 2018, agreed that; "the government should focus on renewables, even if this means we may need to invest more in infrastructure to make the system more reliable."

Labour is starting to take policy steps in the right direction, but like the coalition's NEG (Postscript: And recent catch-ups,) both parties policy's will need to be supercharged if we are to have any hope of saving the grandkids and the future of the Planet.

So, at the next election how will you vote?

Well that is a question for each and every one of us to decide ourselves. For myself, Climate Change Policy is certainly a high priority and I live in hope that all political parties will embrace the Battle against Climate Change and express their support of this unique National and World Project, with Climate Change Repair prominent in their policy pitch to voters.

The last thing we need coming out of the next Federal Election, is a continuation of the Climate Wars.

Allegedly; Australians are well and truly over that, and like myself, have deep concerns about the worlds lack of serious action on Climate Change Repair, actions that will most likely result in their kids, grandkids and their grandkids kids having to pay the price of a hot and dangerous planet well into the future, if that is just the worst of it?

Regardless of how you vote, there is a 3rd choice - and it's free... and it's not as offensive as a decade of climate policy failures by some nations and major political parties all around the world.

Your 3rd choice... You could give your much appreciated 100% support to the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

A Project when operational, will not only drive electricity prices down thru fierce competition, but keep them down thru a Fair Go Pricing Structure.

Your support both now and in the future, may focus both the government and the opposition parties to overview their climate policies in line with the expectations of we the people, not wait until the 2019 Federal Election when the voters may decide to force change upon them at the ballot box.

By the way are you over 18 - and registered to vote? If not please register immediately - don't wait until it is too late to register for the 2019 Australian Federal Election.

As climate records fall by the wayside; one after another in quick succession, I often wonder if Australia would now be leading the world in renewable energy production, had our governments acted in accordance with Kevin Rudd's climate change declaration that the world was facing;

The greatest moral, economic and social challenge of our time.

I remember much fun being made of the statement in Question Time over the years but no one is laughing now...

Is this what Australians want? The inability of our major political parties to agree to a unity ticket on Climate Change Repair?

Some may! Hopefully 84% wont...


Now where was I? Ahhh... Yes...

...We are all better than that. (How appropriate.)

So how do we go about it?

That is - creating a platform for Big Business Philanthropists, Big Business and Big Investors towards providing fair priced clean renewable energy projects to meet our targets and for big business and we the people to hang their hats from.

It is easy to set targets but it is anything but simple to put a 100% clean energy target for a Nation in place.

Now I'm not being facetious in thinking that this project is now making government policy, however if the WM project is successful in seeing the light of day and with the support of the people, it will be a powerful force in the battle, in view of the proposed Ownership and Fair Go structure of the project.

I can certainly be ignored. I accept that... Besides, the success of the project is far too important for me to be important...

It will not be I that plans and implements the business strategies to make this project a success, as Big Business philanthropists support of the WM Project will be the game changer.

On that day and into the future, the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project will have the real capacity to join the clean energy market by the creation of its own Clean Energy Projects. But it will need help.

On that assumption, I hereby set a challenge for the remainder of appropriate Australian Big Businesses to join us in the battle to implement a serious world fight against climate change, starting here in Australia and spreading all around the world.

Big Call? Yep! But Big Problems to fix as well.

Some are already at the front line...

Clean energy projects either implemented, in progress or on the drawing board, have put Australia back into the fight.

Others now need to join the battle by supporting the project, or by investing in clean energy projects or other Clean Economy projects, not just for helping save the planet from severe global warming and joining the WM project in promoting clean energy targets, but to ensure the cost of clean energy continues to fall as a result of increased competition in the marketplace.

It is not just we the people being hurt by excessive electricity charges.

As such...

I also ask for all Australians to get behind this important nation-wide Project and a possible global-wide Movement in the battle to save the planet from a dangerous future.

Any support both before and/or after, should the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project see the light of day will be much appreciated, not just for households, as business is also hurting on electricity prices. It could be your job that may end up being harmed as a result of the alleged excessive price increases of the past.

Once implemented, the WM project will have a Home Page for all the Friends of this unique Australian Project - with access to climate change support/groups and to other battles yet to be fought towards returning the ethos of the Fair Go to a number of essential day to day services that we all rely on - so watch this space...

The Politicians of the world have driven the agenda up to this point. Is it not time for the world's climate scientists, jointly supported by Big Business and we the people - to now take the lead? A four word slogan perhaps?

We're out of Time!


To kick start Australia's fightback, the following describes the clean energy target and the initial steps required to put in place a formal policy document to meet the Aims and Objectives of the WM Project, side by side with Big Business, in a joint battle towards keeping global warming below a 1.5 degrees Celsius temperature rise.

A battle that like the Cave Rescue, must be won at any cost to ensure a Clean Economy and a Clean Energy world for all the kids of the future...

As a reminder, this projects new Clean Energy target for big business and big investors to consider for new and existing Australian Clean Energy projects is;

To meet the above Clean Renewable Energy Targets, the big end of town is to consider the following;

  • The investment in and/or creation of new Clean Energy projects by Big Business in the fight against human induced global warming of our planet,

  • The ongoing participation of existing Clean Energy Businesses & projects already in the marketplace in the fight against human induced global warming of our planet, and

  • The Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project's new Corporation to create a working group of Australian and/or International climate, engineering, economic and other experts as required to;

    • Identify, Investigate and Report on whatever it takes (e.g. Energy source; investment required to renew our electricity generation architecture; investor confidence etc.) for Australia to introduce a 100% clean renewable energy target for electricity generation by 2050 or before (i.e. between 2030 and 2050) and aggressively supporting the Paris Agreement goal of keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius,

    • Create a project methodology based on those findings,

    • Create a timeline of key action events required to meet the target date, and

    • The working group to strongly consider the project strategy used in the Thailand Cave Rescue in developing the Action Plan, Methodology and Timeline KPI's. That is;

    • The Human Spirt and Engineering first, and,

    • Then the Economics required to put the Timeline in place. You can always make a dollar somewhere easier perhaps, but there is No Planet B if the world fails to halt global warming it its tracks.

  • Big Business in general and we the people to lobby the political class (both State & Federal) for change due to the fact that;

    • The poll results reveal that the majority of Australians support a Clean Energy future, and

    • Given the opportunity, the majority should also support the policy changes required to bring the major political parties (State & Federal) together in a unity battle to save the planet from dangerous Global Warming. In this case - allegedly caused in part by burning coal and gas in generating electricity as widely reported by the media.

  • By taking the lead in a clean 100% renewable energy future, inspire the rest of the world to follow Australia's example of big business uniting (hopefully along with all Australian Governments) to save future generations from dangerous climate warming changes.

As a nation, we have to do better...

With regards to the clean energy department, my approach is to create a Working Group; bring in the experts; identify "whatever it takes;" and then, based on that expert advice, lay out the action plan required to meet the 2050 or before (i.e. between 2030 and 2050) target date. On completion, have the draft document undergo a comprehensive "Peer Review" by both sides of the science behind Climate Change argument and put this to bed, one way or the other.

As we all know - the Climate Wars have in part, been about alleged exorbitant electricity charges. In the past our politicians have fought tooth and nail on the argument between Clean Renewable Energy V's Electricity Generation by Coal and to a lesser extent by Gas.

The design intent of the clean energy department is to bypass the climate wars by first: showing the Australian people and then the rest of the world, that not only have we run out of time to get the whole world behind serious climate change repair; but to convince the political class that this climate war madness must stop. Climate Change is either Real or Crap. If Real, the argument then goes to the cause and effects. If Crap, why is big business world wide spending the billions of dollars?

If the political class and the sceptics don't understand why 84% of us think enough is enough, they should just ask their kids and grandkids (if they are blessed to have them) if/when they are old enough to understand the Climate Wars and its effects on their future. If in the future it is proven that the 84% were all wrong, at least we can all breath some clean air...

It is inspiring that 84% of Australians includes those with kids and grandkids who have already asked their own; support Climate Change Repair Action and think the Government (and that means all of them) should focus on renewables.

In addition, although the Working Group's first priority is to investigate and report on whatever it takes to ensure a 100% clean renewable energy target for electricity generation in this country; that is not the end of the climate change action story.

As such, the working group should also take this opportunity to highlight, that although the clean energy question is resolvable, there are other major contributors to our warming planet which are not so easy to change or repair, especially in the critical time frame the world now faces before it is too late.

Those "other" energy challenges need to be investigated & specified in the working groups report, ensuring climate change repair is front and centre in the minds of us all.

For example; car, truck and mechanical agriculture pollution to mention a few.

The CSIRO breakthrough in hydrogen fuel derived from ammonia is a show stopper. Obviously the CSIRO and Governments the world over will need to sort out the distribution issues associated with hydrogen fuel, however the scale and the problems associated with that journey will need to be included in the WM projects "whatever it takes" review. Electric cars charging stations infrastructure should also be included for the same reason.

POSTSCRIPT 18th September 2018: - On reflection, I think the working group will have enough on its plate detailing - "whatever it takes" for the introduction of a clean renewable electricity generation future in Australia, let alone investigating all the other major contributors towards our warming planet.

In order to fix a problem you need to know and fully understand the problem and the associated issues. The climate is changing fast and the warnings from the world's climate expects are dire to say the least.

I left school the day I turned 16 and pumped petrol and cleaned windscreens as a Driveway Assistant as my first job. With failed school years behind me, I got by and advanced three successful careers by hard work, common sense and applying the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle wherever possible.

Now! Don't say it... I know the KISS principle won't work for climate change repair. But it will work in summarising the - cause and effect - of a warming Planet Earth.

By now there must be thousands upon thousands of scientists papers produced on the - cause and effect - of climate change being circulated and read worldwide. Climate change overload to say the least.

The KISS principle needs to be applied...

What is required for we the people of the world - from the richest to the poorest - is one single clear and precise document that we can all read and fully understand.

A document that clearly and simply explains the critical issues and problems the planet is already facing and what it will face in the near future; how to fix or reduce them; then the order of priority and the time frame in which to so, before it becomes too late to save humanity or Planet Earth from catastrophic climate change in a now fast approaching future; if that is in fact the case as I and the majority of Australians believe is true.

A warehouse of scientific documents may spell out the science but are meaningless to the average person in the street.

However a plain speaking document will do the job.

Creating such a document is beyond my ability and resources, however there does exist a select group of just 42 elite world citizens who can certainly make it happen.

Contributions towards a Warming Planet need to be identified in order of priority, detailing all the major contributing events under the proposed headings; Who - What - Where - When - Why - How and How Much, be that human induced or nature induced, that the science community know without doubt are creating events that have resulted in our warming planet.

As such, I have created a separate web page detailing a new proposal as well as naming the group of elite world individuals the proposal will be directed towards. This new proposal will become part of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project should a number of that group, if not all, agree to join the project and perform the task of investigating and documenting all those other major contributors to our warming planet as suggested above.

The outcome of this new proposal is part of the WM Project Strategic Plan to start a home front battle for a 100% clean energy target in Australia.

The next step is to outsource not just our strategy towards a 100% clean renewable energy future worldwide, but to include a clear and precise plain speaking document for all to read, highlighting all of the other high priority climate change - cause and effect - problems facing the planet.

If my request for help is accepted, this new group of elite world individuals will play a critical role in creating the project methodology of "whatever it takes" to rectify, or at least seriously reduce the effects of all those other major contributors to our warming planet, including distribution of documentation to willing World Governments and to we the people of the world.

World governments will never listen to me, but this group will be hard to ignore, as will we the people, inspired and deeply concerned on the contents of the proposed document I will be asking this unique and elite group of individuals to compile; morally on behalf of humanity but statically on behalf of at least 50% of the world population that the group have inevitably been linked to by others.

No need to seek out to this new proposal right now as it is essential that you continue to read-on where you left off before this Postscript. You will find a link titled "Open Letter to the Top Forty-Two richest people on Earth" on the home page of the website when you are ready to read the proposal. END Postscript

The fate of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project, starting with its most important department, the Clean Economy Division's - Clean Energy Department - is only going to go one of two ways;

  • Be totally ignored by big business philanthropists and big business, as without them (or Plan B - overseas billionaire intervention) the project will be killed off before it even starts, or

  • It will start a Fair Go movement in this country that will be the pride of the Nation.
Philanthropists; Big Business and We the People; united as one in a battle to save Planet Earth and to inspire the world to follow in our footsteps. If the latter is the result of this document and the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project gets a green light, what will our pollies do?

For most Australians; this nonsense of the Climate Wars and the inability of both major political parties, to be committed to a seriously effective and united Climate policy that is in the best interest of the Planet - Enough is Enough!

Our Kids, Grandkids and their Kids are in serious danger if the science is right, (I'm convinced it is) starting now and into the very near future onwards, whilst over the past decade or so, their parents have only experienced despair as they became disillusioned spectators of bitter political infighting, as the Climate Wars claimed one Prime Minister after another. Not a proud record up there on the hill people...


I heard a well known person, who may or may not want to be referenced in this document, say that the problem in Australia today, (and recognising the necessity of urgent action on Climate Change repair is a good example) is that; "we have no Vision and we have no Direction". (Thanks for that Sir... I could not have put it better.)

In my now deleted from this document NEG Postscripts, I suggested to Prime Minister Morrison, (I was going to challenge him, however I thought that would have been an inappropriate action towards the position of PM) that; "now is the time to reject the deniers in the coalition and join the WM Project, Labour and the cross benches for the good of the Nation and the Planet by supercharging the NEG with regards to a 100% clean energy future."

In spite of the fact that this project was created by a naive (as it will be alleged) 70 plus year old nobody and a labour supporter to boot - an accusation sure to be pushed by some (but hey!!! I own - what did you expect) - the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project has, in my opinion, provided the Vision; whilst this call for help will give the philanthropists and big business in Australia the opportunity to provide the Direction and the funding.

All that is needed for my proposed trifecta; is for the current and future Federal Governments to focus on just three things and three things only...

The kids, the human spirit and engineering.

Then, provide the legislation and the dollars as appropriate to fix their side of the problem and let business and the market get back on the job towards a now urgent and critical renewable clean energy future for the planet. Starting in Australia today and inspiring the world to follow in our lead tomorrow.

At present, political parties and a number of world governments are not doing enough to seriously reduce carbon emissions.

Labour have made a start in the right direction with their current climate policy targets, but to my disappointment, are by no means without fault on this subject, due to their part in the Climate Wars during the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd years.

I then went on to say...

Quote: The previous weakening of Climate Change policy by both major parties, past and present and the revolving door into the Prime Minister's office, may now result in a bleak outlook for future generations.

That's gone full circle now because of last week's alleged actions of some when they changed the PM once again, so as PM, you have the power to end it once and for all. Enough in Enough!

I urge you - don't kill the NEG and together, Australia can show the world we are not going down without a fight. Inspiration is the answer, not more of the same old same old contempt towards the voters and for reasons that most voters find totally unacceptable and against everything we aspire for in the Land of the Fair Go. Unquote.

But the NEG was pulled and the Climate Wars continue.

Perhaps I'll get the last laugh if Big Business Philanthropists, the Symbolic 42, and others Big Business Australians come on board this project, whilst for myself, I live in hope for the wholehearted support of we the people towards the Aims and Objectives of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project.

Support if it comes as I suspect it will, will come because we're joining the battle for the Kids, the Grandkids and the Grandkids Kids. Our People Power Movement will shock the nation to the core and the Climate Wars may finally be over.

And the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project and its Forces will be the first to hold out an Olive Branch for the Nation to unite, and to reflect on the battle ahead to save Planet Earth from dangerous Climate Change events destroying the lives of future generations. We all love our kids, grandkids etc and our nation. It's Time to love Mother Earth...

If that day becomes a reality, I will be proud to stand next to these elite Aussies and publicly announce the arrival of the project. On that day, I will tell the people that the real war to save the planet from severe global warming has been declared. Some in the media are already calling it WWIII. For myself, history will have to be the one to declare the victor, as we are already two or three decades or more behind the eight ball in the battle to save the Planet.

We the people can provide the Customer Base and the Foot Soldiers for the war, whilst New Power can ensure the WM project goes viral if the people spread the news on social media. It is up to all of you now.

But what if in the end, nobody turns up from big business in Australia?

In that case I guess I'll be the mug for thinking at least some would; although there is still Plan B - the 2,208 Billionaires from 72 countries that can be invited to join the project - not that I want to be forced to go down that track as this is, and must be an Australian Project.

If that also fails, I will still be proud of my efforts. However, this project will probably be dead and historians will have to judge the climate deniers, if and only if, it turns out that they were right all along and the science based dangers of a warming climate proved to be either misguided by the scientists and the rest of us, and/or was in no way caused by us humans.

I wonder what are the odds for that scenario?

What will the rest of us think if no one turns up for this call for help and this project is killed before it even starts? If it is rejected because this document is just plain CRAP and I'm having myself on if I think it is anything else? Well - Fair enough... It won't be the first time I've been wrong.

But if I'm not? Well! - You be the Judge...

As a Nation we have all rallied around the singing of Waltzing Matilda for over 100 years.

Let us all now rally around the Vision of the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project Climate Change Repair Policy.

For the Philanthropists; the Direction is the next step now... Can you Help?


For we the people;, the best thing for the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project RIGHT NOW; is for you to SPREAD THE WORD by forwarding the Waltzing Matilda web address details via; posts, links, email or text to all your friends, asking them to do the same to all their friends, in particular; highlighting the Climate Change section of the document and others as per the Lets Go VIRAL page.

We need the Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project to go VIRAL right around the world... And that starts right here;

  • So get together a list of all your e.g. Work Mates, Friends, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Mums & Dads, Cousins, School Mates (back from the Climate Change Strikes) all your Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Firemen, Coppers and Coaches EVERYBODY... Both Young and Old.

Let there be no doubt that Climate Change is real, what ever the reasons, and we all have to do our bit to stop it in its tracks. Climates WWIII is about to start and we have to be in the trenches for the next 12 Years. And to assemble the troops, the three word slogan for we the people is... Lets Go VIRAL

Oh by the way, don't forget to Email your local member at Parliament House in Canberra and let them know you have joined the battle to save the Grandkids and ask them if they've got your six. Some will; some still may not. For the sake of the Grandkids I'm hoping all the "nots" are in the minority camp.

You'll find their Email address/Contact right here; Local Member Email Address and then click on "Members by electorate"

Now for the Banks... ...Where do I start?

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