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Overview - Revised Bricks & Mortar Divisions

Stage II of the original Waltzing Matilda Dot Com Project was reserved for all of the Corporations Bricks and Mortar Divisions. The original bricks and mortar divisions were reduced from 9 to 2 divisions, however in view of the Nations - Climate Emergency - Those two divisions have been reduced to the Clean Economy Division only.

The remaining old Stage II Bricks & Mortar Division is;

1. The Clean Economy Division - Projects in the Clean Economy.

At present, the Clean Economy Division consists of the following Department;
  • Clean Energy Department - The Battle against Climate Change.

Please Note: In view of the obvious, commercial-in-confidence status of divisions that make-up this revised version of the project, there is a limit to what I can post for public consumption on the details on each of the proposed divisions. Addition details on the design intent of each division can be arranged, but only to genuine and identity confirmed respondents who have expressed a view in providing interim support to this urgent and important National Project.

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The Clean Economy Division - Projects in the Clean Economy